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Toyfare Magazine Exclusives
2000 Exclusives Assortment
Manufacturer Wizard Entertainment
Line Toyfare Magazine Exclusives
Items in Assortment
(TF 040 Dec 00) - No Figure offered in this issue
Alley Cat Red (Action toys) (TF 033 May 00) LE5000
Big Show (Jakks) (TF 031 March 00) LE10,000
Darkchylde (MAC) (TF 029 Jan 00) LE 10,000
Debra (Jakks) (TF 036 Aug 00) LE10,000
Evil Ryu (Resaurus) (TF 029 Jan 00)
Final fantasy VIII (Palisades) (TF 034 June 00)
Lara Croft (Playamtes)(TF 032 April 00) LE10,000
Patriot Unmasked (DF) (TF 038 Oct 00)
Radioactive Homer S. (TF 037 Sept 00) LE10,000
Scarlet X (DF) (TF 035 July 00)
Seven of nine (Playmates) (TF 030 Feb 00) LE8000
Trinity Revealed (N2Toys) (TF 039 Nov 00)
Lara Croft (Playamtes)(TF 032 April 00) LE10,000

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