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Admin contact for this site     (Posted by Genetic of Brighton, East Sussex - August 11, 2013 00:44)
I need to contact the admin or owner of this site regarding a DMCA notice about the use of 153 copyrighted images along with text that has been reproduced without permission. I believe these were also included in the 'Archive-on-a-drive' and were therefore illegally profited from. I would be grateful if a contact email can be provided so the issue can be resolved quickly and amicably.
>> DMCA issue    ( by Naomi, Aug 11 at 19:00)
You can remove the troublesome images yourself. Just click the image (twice if necessary), select 'Copyright Violation' from the drop-box, and submit. The image is immediately deleted from the site.
Soldiers of the World - Does anyone know how to get a price guide for these action figures???     (Posted by Gmann344 of Humble, Texas - May 27, 2013 13:46)
Just wanting to know how i can get a price guide for these figures. I want to buy more, and don't want to overpay. I know some are certainly worth more than others, but a price book would sure help.

Thank you
>> I don't think such a guide exists, but....    ( by Naomi, May 30 at 12:53)
In general, the price for Soldiers of the World figures will be in the $5-to-$25 range (as little as $5 for basic figures, and as much as $25 for the more 'equipped' or more 'historical' figures). The boxed sets (with mutiple figures and/or horses) should be around $40, but can sell for more. Note that the horses that are included with some of the figures are very cheaply made.
Tie-in with ToyPedia     (Posted by Joschik of Amersham, Bucks - February 22, 2012 10:27)
Hi Naomi,

Am keen to discuss a tie in with our project (see www.toycollector.com/ToyPedia), can you mail me at toypedia at toycollector dot com?

Search by Year not working?     (Posted by KatyaR of North Central, IN - June 30, 2011 00:41)

no matter what year I click, the year listing that comes up is 1999? Is this a known bug?

I'm running Vista Home Premium SP2 and browsing with Firefox 5.

>> By Year Search seems OK    ( by Naomi, Jul 1 at 00:00)
Just tested it, and it appears to be working OK. Maybe you need to 'clear you cache'.
Also, you must have Javascript enabled.
Site is very tempermental     (Posted by skyline of basingstoke, hants - May 07, 2009 04:15)
Hi I visit here quite frequent and have noticed alot of the time the site is down or not working properly, is there any reason why?
>> Sorry about that...    ( by Naomi, May 7 at 09:39)
Yes, we've been having technical difficulties... The good news is that we've fixed the worst problems, and site is now faster and more reliable.
>> Performance update now complete!    ( by Naomi, May 12 at 16:11)
OK ... We've finally completed a substantial technical update to the site. We've implemented true full-text searching, which delivers a tremendous boost in the speed at which pages are rendered. Almost all pages benefit from this upgrade.
Browser Compatibility with this Site      (Posted by Naomi of Atlanta, Georgia - October 18, 2006 11:44)
This site uses both Cookies (to remember logins) and Javascript (for scrolling image banners). If you have disabled either of those options for your browser, chances are you are not getting the "full experience".

Also, this site has only been tested with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you are using another browser, please let us know how it is working for you. Thanks!
>> Mozilla Firefox compatibility    ( by dumbo, Oct 19 at 20:07)
The site displays equally well with Firefox v., but text entry fields seem a bit narrow. As I am typing this, each line is about this long

So far so good though...
>> AOL browser     ( by Naomi, Oct 20 at 08:16)
Hello again,
I just tried your site with the AOL browser (Internet Explorer, mine is 6.0) and it worked fine!
The browser I used on my first visit was Netscape 7.2. I'm on another computer right now, and with Netscape 7.0 it has the same problem, every year is 1999.

I guess it's a Netscape issue.

Great site! I saw you have some Hello Kitty, Lil Bratz and Hi Heidi, I'll have to notify my doll buddies.