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Party! Party! Party!
Stacie, Barbie doll's eight-year-old sister and her fashion forward best friends go everywhere and do everything together. Whether it's dancing, hanging out, or playing dress-up -- this tight trio sticks together no matter what! And girls love them - when asked to name their favorite things girls always site "friends"... and the more the better - great fashions and of course, pets. And keeping right in step with real girls and their friends, Stacie's best buds are sweet, stylish, fun-loving and always on the go. They also always keep each other's top secrets sacred -- after all, these cuties will be friends til the end! Each come with mix and match fashions, their very own adorable pet puppy, plus lots of fabulous accessories. With many fun themes to choose from, girls will have fun creating endless storylines as they play the day away.
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