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About Plan B Toys
Plan-B Toys
The nucleus of Plan-B is made up of Jay and Chris Borman and Tony Simione, who are all equal owners of the company. Tony met twins Chris and Jay in the 5th grade and theyĆ­ve been friends since, even going to college at the Columbus College of Art and Design together where they met the last two members of their troupe - Steve Hamaker and Jon Matthews. Chris and Jay majored in Industrial Design while Tony, Jon and Steve were in Illustration. Now all five are together creating their own toys while keep very busy freelancing for other companies such as Palisades Toys, Diamond Comics, Parent Banc, Cartoon Books and Wiz Kids Games.

The pedigrees of the ensemble are impressive, and they all spent time working together at Resaurus. Jay was the Director of Product design, and he oversaw all creative decisions at Resaurus over the last four years. Chris was a Product Designer/Manager who worked on many of the most popular lines. Tony was a Senior Prototype Developer and had a close hand in much of the work Resaurus ever did. Steve was a product manager, who assisted with design and approvals. Jon was a sculptor.

In addition to managing their own line with Special Forces, they are working with several other companies on a variety of product lines. They were instrumental in helping Wiz Kids Games get the Mage Knight collectable miniature game off the ground.

"Jon and Derek Miller did some of the sculpting and we helped with paint and production throughout the line. We've continued working with Wiz Kids through some of the various Mage Knight sets and we're working on HeroClix and some future projects as well."

Plan-B has done a great deal of work for Palisades Toys, especially in paint as well as some sculpting. In the latest series of Resident Evil figures Jon sculpted Claire and the Zombie Cop, and Plan-B's paint was chosen for the unproduced Star Trek 35th Anniversary figures of Kirk and Gene Roddenberry. Plan-B is also working with Diamond Select on paint and other work for some of the Marvel busts and other products including the Spider-Man web shooters prop.
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