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About Shocker Toys
About Shocker Toys
Shocker Toys was founded in 1998 in Buffalo, New York by Geoff Beckett Jr. Beckett had previously worked in construction and claims he was inspired to venture into the toy industry while "playing games with his brother". The company operates primarily on the Internet, and by 2002 the company had two full time employees: CEO Beckett and Marketing Director Dana Newsom.

Shocker Toys relocated twice prior to 2002, moving to Glen Rock, New Jersey in 2000 before relocating to Ridgewood, New Jersey, where they are currently based. During this early period, the company's primary focus was on card games featuring characters developed by Beckett. However, these card games were never brought to market. Instead, the company began to focus on developing action figures, and in 2004 they released their first product: the Shockini block figure. According to Shocker Toys, this was a significant year for the company, as it was also the year in which Shocker Toys was incorporated and Beckett was joined by Lance Buttiglieri as a new partner. Subsequent to Buttiglieri joining the company, Shocker Toys continued to develop the Shockinis line, and in 2006 displayed the figures at the American International Toy Fair.

While Shocker Toys became "best known for being plagued by delays and other problems", The company released the first series of Indie Spotlight figures and the "Mallow" line of marshmallow-themed figures in 2009. In January 2010, Dave Ryan was named Shocker Toys' first sales agent.
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