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About Kenner
About Kenner.
1947: Kenner Products is formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, by the Steiner brothers, Albert, Philip and Joseph. The company is named after its original office location on Kenner Street.
1963: Kenner Products introduces Easy-Bake Oven.
1966: Kenner Products introduces Spirograph design toys.
1967: General Mills purchases Kenner Products
1977: Kenner Products negotiates license for Star Wars property, which goes on to become the companyes most powerful toy success.
1980: Kenner Products introduces Strawberry Shortcake mini-dolls.
1987: Tonka acquires Kenner Parker Toys Inc. Tonka establishes four operating divisions: Kenner Products, Parker Brothers and Tonka Products serving the U.S. and Tonka International.
1991: When Tonka (including Kenner Products and Parker Brothers) is purchased by Hasbro, Inc., Kenner becomes a division of the largest toy company in the world.
1993: Philip Steiner, one of Kenner es founders, passed away in November at the age of 82.
2000: Hasbro announces it will shut its Cincinnati operations, ending 53 years of Kenner history.
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