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About Remco
About Remco Toys Inc
Remco Industries, Inc. (Remco), a toy manufacturer in Newark NJ, sustained substantial losses, which caused it to file for bankrupcy 1971.(Remco was seriously undercapitalized, with a debt-equity ratio in excess of 300 to 1) Remco ceased operations in January 1974, Remco Toys reppears later as a division of Azrak-Hamway International (Marvin Azrak, Ezra Hamway ). Today, Remco is a brand in JAKKS Pacific's portofolio. In the early 1970s, Philip D. Bart was the Vice President of Research and Development for Remco Toys, Inc. He has been an independent inventor, designer, manufacturer and marketer of numerous toy products for over two decades. He invented and marketed the "Slap Wrap," a successful toy product.

Remco filed for bankruptcy in 1971 and was acquired by Azrak-Hamway International, Inc. (AHI), a toy company, in New York, NY in 1974. In 1997, Jakks Pacific acquired Remco from Azrak-Hamway International.
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