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About Plan B Toys
About Plan B Toys
Plan-B Toys Ltd. is the collaboration of three friends that have a goal to take action figures back to their roots, back to a time when toys did more than just sit on a shelf.

Plan-B Toys may be a new name in the toy industry, but the three founders are not. Jay, Chris, and Tony are all former employees of ReSaurus Company and have been action figure fanatics all their lives. Plan-B was formed to freely create new ideas and properties without corporate boundaries. Plan-B intends to usher in a new era where action figures are the prime media that other entertainment outlets are based upon.

Plan-B Toys, Ltd. has operated for the past few years as a development house. During that time, Plan-B has developed product for a variety of toy manufacturers, including ReSaurus, Palisades, WizKids, Diamond Comics, Parent Banc, and Cartoon Books. Plan-B has been involved with the development of product for many successful licenses including Shadowrun, Muppets, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mage Knight, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars and many others.
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