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Can you Identify this toy?
Response to Can't be sure -   ( by Naomi, Mar 1 at 18:22)
Discussion started with I am Spider-man.....  ( by PlushLion, Feb 22 at 01:00)

Good Stab but NO cigar...  (Posted by PlushLion of Pearl River, New York - March 06, 2013 22:42)
... as the eyes and costume pattern are all wrong. The Scooter Spiderman has the big McFarlane eyes while the figure I have have more traditional narrow eyes. The sleeves on the Scooter Spiderman have more red on them than the one I have (as yoiu can see in the picture of the Scooter Spiderman I posted below) and the one I have has more like a narrow strip of red that looks more like an exo-skeleton than a red pattern on a cloth costume; it is the exact same pattern as on the Marvel Legends Sentinel Series Figure but the difference between that figure and mine is the design of the spider on the chest (the picture of which can be seen above).
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