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About Atelier Sai >> Ah! My Goddess! >> PVC Figures 1/6 >> Belldandy PVC Statue (red Previews Excl)
Profile: Belldandy PVC Statue (Red Variant - Previews Excl)
Belldandy, Goddess of the Present, is the sweetest goddess and Keiichi's love interest. She is the strongest of her sisters, a First Class Goddess; she uses her powers for goodness and to spread love to all. She was summoned by Keiichi when he dialed a wrong number. He ended up summoning Belldandy. Trying to test her powers, he wished that he had a girl like her to stay with him forever, creating a contract between him, Belldandy, and the Allmighty. And the rest is history...
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