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The Mighty Thor
Manufacturer Toy Biz.Marvel
Line Famous Cover
Assortment 1998 Dolls

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2019 GoogleShopping eBay - mfe*steve $10.80 $7.32 $18.12
2019 GoogleShopping eBay - evilryu666 $11.95 $7.85 $19.80
2019 GoogleShopping Walmart - Dark Helmet Collectibles $24.99 $0.00 $24.99
2019 GoogleShopping eBay $17.99 $7.00 $24.99
2019 GoogleShopping Bonanza - YouNewJapan $66.48 $0.00 $66.48
2018 Amazon 10465 $13.00 $0.00 $13.00
Item Specifics
 age  5 years and up
 brand  Marvel
 rating  5 out of 5 stars
 shipping-weight  2.4 pounds
The Mighty Thor
Product description
product: Famous Cover Series the Mighty Thor 8" Action Figure    
Fleeing from the sinister alien Stone Men from Saturn, lame physician Donald Blake escaped into a nearby cave, never suspecting his life would change on this fateful day. Becoming trapped in the cave, Blake used an ordinary-looking stick in order to aid his escape, inadvertently releasing ancient Norse Magic. Blake was stunned to find himself transformed into the mighty Thor! Defeating the Stone Men, Thor returned to Blake's world and the modern age to use his great power to protect the people of Earth.
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