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Manufacturer Toy Biz.Marvel
Line Famous Cover
Assortment 1998 Dolls

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2019 GoogleShopping eBay $5.95 $7.85 $13.80
2019 GoogleShopping eBay - aa-mil $11.95 $7.85 $19.80
2019 GoogleShopping Bonanza - Floridas Hidden ... $19.98 $10.29 $30.27
2019 GoogleShopping eCrater - dccollectibles $32.49 $11.65 $44.14
2018 Amazon 10453 $18.00 $0.00 $18.00
Item Specifics
 age  5 years and up
 brand  Marvel
 dimensions  1.5 x 3 x 8 inches
 listprice  24.95
 shipping-weight  2 pounds
 weight  15 ounces
Product description
product: Famous Cover Series Daredevil the Man Without Fear 8" Action Figure    
Son of boxer Battling Jack Murdock, Matt Murdock's life was forever changed when his attempt to save a man from a runaway truck led to his own exposure to radioactive waste. Blinded by the strange isotope Matt soon found that his remaining senses had been hyper-intensified by the accident. In addition to his enhanced senses, Matt now possessed a type of "radar sense" giving him abilities far beyond the ken of normal men. Triggered by the loss of his father to gangster, Murdock took the costume and the name Daredevil. Fighting crime and injustice by day as a lawyer, Matt Murdock continues his crusade by night as the man without fear - Daredevil! Presented here in the classic red costume, Daredevil looks just as he did in the milestone issue, DAREDEVIL #7. Shown battling the undersea prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner on the cover of the issue, Daredevil seems to have met his match. But his reasoning as well as his fighting skills helps him win in the end, leaving both Daredevil and Namor with a valuable lesson.
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