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Manufacturer Blue Box Toys
Line Cy Girls
Assortment Dolls - Series 1

Item type Doll
Packaging Window box w/ cover flap
Figure Size Doll 12" ( GI Joe, Mego, Star Trek, Star Wars)
Sex Female
Action Features Base, CG Logo, ID card, beret, camouflage outfit, fishnet stockings,...
Accessories Rifle, 3 guns, cartridge, 4 extra hands, chome visor,
Character profile
Profile: Kat    
Trained specifically for survival warfare, Kat is equally comfortable in the jungle or the desert. She's an expert with camouflage and a highly effective sniper, equally skilled with explosives and hand-to-hand combat. This highly effective sniper wearing camouflage shorts and a tee wears fishnet stockings to remind herself she is still a woman, but can beat any man at his game.
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