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[NAM] North Vietnamese Army Regular (2000)
Manufacturer 21st Century Toys
Line Ultimate Soldier
Assortment Boxed Figures - NAM

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2018 Amazon 24362 $59.00 $0.00 $59.00
Item Specifics
 age  5
 aznrank  215,206
 bullet  Manufacturer 21st Century Toys
 bullet  Series: Vietnam Era
 bullet  Year Released: 2000
 dimensions  13.7 x 9.1 x 2.8 inches
 rating  5.0 out of 5 stars
 shipping-weight  1.45 pounds
[NAM] North Vietnamese Army Regular (2000)
Character profile
Profile: [NAM] North Vietnamese Army Regular (2000)    
The North Vietnamese Army was an offshoot of the Viet Minh who fought the French Colonialist Army in the early 1950es. Dedicated and almost fanatical in nature, the North Vietnamese Army was modeled after and later supplied by the Chinese and Russian armies. Starting out in the late 1950es as a peasant army with very few and often antiquated weapons, the NVA ultimately proved to be a respected and fearsome opponent in the Vietnam War.
Product description
product: 21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier NORTH VIETAMESE ARMY Action Figure    
Contents: window box: velcro secured, book-style flap, full-color illustration of an NVA soldier running into a stream with a LOACH helicopter above. Caucasian male Super Soldier body: w/ regular gripping hands. Asian male head sculpt: black hair/ eyebrows, brown eyes. NVA 2-pocket field uniform shirt: OD, 2 functional flap chest pockets. NVA field uniform trousers: OD, silver snap fly. rubber/ canvas combat shoe: soft plastic. black sole w/ OD upper, light green lace detail. NVA web belt w/ aluminum star buckle: tan cloth, silver plastic buckle w/ red star. aluminum canteen and skeleton web carrier: molded, dark OD w/ light brown strap detail, black stopper. NVA sun helmet: OD, red cap badge and brown strap detail. 3-pocket rucksack: OD cloth. entrenching tool: gray blade, brown handle. machette and sheath: dark gray, tan handle, molded OD sheath. ChiCom Type 56/ AK-47 rifle: dark gray w/ simulated woodgrain stock, folding blade-style bayonet, 30 rd. magazine w/ brass bullet detail, tan elastic sling w/ adjustable black buckle. Type 56/ AK-47 canvas chest pouch: OD molded pouches, cloth back and straps. 4-pocket grenade holder w/ 4 long-handle stick grenades: molded, OD holder, black and tan grenade detail, cloth carry strap. helmet camouflage foliage ring: OD plastic w/ rope ties.
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