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Ironic Punishment
Manufacturer McFarlane
Line The Simpsons
Assortment Figure Sets

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2018 eBay 7988 $29.00 $0.00 $29.00
Item Specifics
 age  8 years and up
 brand  McFarlane Toys
 brand  Unknown
 bullet  He sold his soul for a donut
 bullet  Includes images and trivia questions from the episode
 bullet  Measures 7" tall x 6" wide x 9" long and features a moving crank that feeds donuts into Homer's mouth
 bullet  Set features Homer in hell being forced to eat all the donuts in the world after selling his soul for one donut
 bullet  The Ironic Punishment deluxe box set is inspired by the Treehouse of Horror IV episode 'The Devil and Homer Simpson'
 character family  <h3>The Simpsons</h3>
 dimensions  6.2 x 7 x 9.1 inches
 format  action figure
 paint  original paint
 productid  12710
 productid  2643
 rating  4.4 out of 5 stars
 released  April 2006
 scale  boxed
 shipping-weight  1.4 pounds
 type  <h3>Action Figure Collection</h3>
 weight  1.4 pounds
Ironic Punishment
Product description
product: McFarlane Toys - The Simpsons Box Set &quot;Ironic Punishment&quot;    
This deluxe boxed item re-creates Homer's torment after having sold his immortal soul for... a donut. Featuring "donut-eating action," you will be able to feed Homer donut after donut in what just may be the tastiest torture ever devised.
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