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Vincent Valentine
Manufacturer Square Enix
Line Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Assortment Play Arts Figures

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2018 eBay 19971 $47.00 $0.00 $47.00
Item Specifics
 boxcode  S
 brand  Final Fantasy
 brand  Square-Enix
 category  Anime Figures
 character family  Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
 for ages  For ages over 14 years
 id  4940
 size  9 inch
 type  Action Figure
 weight  15
 year  2008
Vincent Valentine
Product description
product: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children 8 inch Vincent Val.    
Final Fantasy is a media franchise, that began in 1987 as a role-playing game. As of March 2007, there are twenty-eight games in the franchise, including twelve numbered games and numerous spin-off titles. Most Final Fantasy installments are independent stories. However, they feature common elements that define the franchise. Such elements include recurring creatures, character names, airships and character classes. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is a 2005 CGI film based on the highly successful 1997 Final Fantasy VII game. It is set two years after the events of the game, and follows Cloud Strife as he unravels the cause of a mysterious plague called "Geostigma" that has beset the population. So here we have a Vincent Valentine no. 2 action figure from the Play Arts series. Vincent Valentine is a tall, lean, brooding man with long, unkempt black hair. He wears a ragged red cloak and mantle over black clothes. His left arm below the elbow is a metallic, golden gauntlet. Although it looks like a prosthetic, it turns out an ordinary hand is hidding inside. His weapon of choice is an antique triple-barrel revolver called "Cerberus". The name derives from the dog's heads that adorn each of the 3 barrels as well as the silver charm that hangs from the hilt. Vincent is a mysterious character. In FF VII, Cloud finds him in a coffin, in the basement of the mansion of the evil Shinra. Apparently he's been sleeping there for years... In Advent Children,Vindent appears just in time to rescue Cloud from the menacing Kadaj and his gang - transforming into an intangible monster evocative of his cloak... One cannot help but wonder who he is...what he is... This Vincent figure is almost 9" tall, and full of detail: buckles, straps, tears in his cloak, stitches in his garments . His pointy metallic boots are particularly intriguing - with an articulation point midway through the foot. He comes with Cerberus, his antique revolver, which is huge (3" long), along with an extra right hand, designed to hold the big gun. A black oval base is included. It includes provisions for a stand clip, but the clip in missing. However, this is really not a problem, as Vincent has no trouble standing unassisted. A rather nice figure. Vincent just looks great. Packaged in a window box (windows on 4 sides). Box may sport some shelfwear defects (creases,dents, etc...) (not shown in photos) . Originally released by Square Enix in 2008. Imported form China.
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