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He-ro SDCC
Manufacturer Mattel
Line Masters of the Universe Classics
Assortment Figures 2009

Item Specifics
 afa grade  <h3>U 9.0 90 Uncirculated</h3>
 age  3 years and up
 bio  Heroic Cosmic Warrior™Real Name: RoGiven the sword of He by the Overlords of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla™, Ro was told to “go forth and combat evil." During one such epic battle, he was infected by a techno-organic virus by Horde Supreme and sent through a vortex to the magic planet of Eternia®. Once there, he was healed by Eldor in a mystical pool which absorbed his virus. In gratitude, He-Ro™ swore to help free Eternia® from the Snake Men™ and Horde Invaders. He defended the free people alongside the great King Grayskull™, eventually bequeathing his sword to the King upon his heroic death.
 brand  Masters of the Universe Classics
 brand  Mattel
 bullet  He-Ro comes with accessories including magic staff, Power Sword, removable armor plus a random color spell stone!
 bullet  Highly-detailed, fully-articulated Masters of the Universe Classics action figures from Mattel.
 bullet  This is an Adult Collector action figure
 character family  <h3>Masters of the Universe</h3>
 figure  <h3>He-Ro</h3>
 for ages  <h3>Adult</h3>
 mpn  N8523
 productid  0027084707991
 productid  130952400
 rating  5 out of 5 stars
 shipping-weight  2 pounds
 size  <h3>7 inch</h3>
 theme  <h3>Masters of the Universe</h3>
 type  <h3>Action Figure</h3>
 year  <h3>2009</h3>
He-ro SDCC
Product description
product: He-Ro™ Figure    
Heroic Cosmic Warrior™ and ally to King Grayskull™, He-Ro™ lived a champion’s life and ultimately died a champion’s death. Sculpted in stunning detail by the Four Horsemen and fully articulated, our He-Ro™ figure includes his magic staff, Power Sword®, and removable armor.  
product: Masters of The Universe Classics Man-at-Arms Heroic Master of Weapons Action Figure    
He-Man and the heroic Masters of the Universe must save Eternia from the clutches of the sinister Skeletor and his evil henchmen! Mattel produced this line of highly detailed, retro-styled 6 inch action figures based on the classic He-Man characters, and as a follow-up to the amazing Four Horseman series that they killed with poorly allocated case assortments. Collect them all, each sold seperately.
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