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Faker Vs. Bizarro 2-Pack SDCC
Manufacturer Mattel
Line Masters of the Universe Classics
Assortment Figures 6 inch DC vs MOTU

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2018 eBay 4596 $102.00 $0.00 $102.00
Item Specifics
 age  5 months and up
 brand  DC Heman
 productid  0027084934809
Faker Vs. Bizarro 2-Pack SDCC
Product description
product: DC universe VS Masters of the Universe Classics Bizzaro Faker    
This themed set pairs a highly-detailed 6�€� scale DC Universe Bizarro figure with a 6�€� scale Masters of the Universe® Battle Armor® Faker® figure. Each 2-pack comes complete with accessories and comic book reprint packaging. Want to know more? Read on for each character�€TMs bio�€�

Bizarro Bio
�€œImperfect Duplicate�€

Created to be a duplicate of Superman, Bizarro is proof positive that things don�€TMt always work out the way they�€TMre supposed to. He has caused plenty of trouble for Superman, sometimes �€œteaming up�€ with villains who take advantage of his limited intellect. Heroes who underestimate Bizarro, however, are soon reminded that, like Superman, he possesses a formidable array of superpowers. There�€TMs only one thing you can count on with Bizarro; at every turn, he�€TMll insist on doing the opposite of Superman.

Faker® Bio
�€œEvil Robot of Skeletor®�€

Originally built by Man-At-Arms® to cover for He-Man® when Prince Adam® is needed, Faker was abandoned in the royal junkyard after his first mission and salvaged by the evil warrior Tri-Klops®. At the request of Skeletor®, Faker was reprogrammed to replace He-Man and convince the people of Eternia® that He-Man had betrayed King Randor® and turned to evil.

MOTU fans, the Faker figure in this set isn�€TMt just any old Faker�€� it�€TMs an all-new Battle Armor Faker! He includes three interchangeable chest plates showing �€œno damage,�€ �€œone damage hit�€ and �€œtwo damage hits.�€
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