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Cyber Samurai Mike
Manufacturer Playmates.TMNT
Line TMNT 1994
Assortment Cyber Samurai Turtles [6]

Cyber Samurai Mike
Character profile
Profile: Cyber Samurai Mike    
Hey you dated dudes, it's party time - future style! Mike's one cool chromium Cyber Samurai - we're talking future funk and poundin' punks! Strapped into his Cyber Suit, Mike makes for one mug-mashing monster machine. One look under his chest plate and you'll know how tough this real Turtle dude is! With his pre-programmed Cyber Samurai nunchakus spinnin' at the Foot - breakin' speeds of 30,000 rpm, Mike cleans the streets'n sewers of digital dunderheads and futuristic Foot fools!
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