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Supermutant Donatello
Manufacturer Playmates.TMNT
Line TMNT 1995
Assortment Supermutant Turtles and Cycle

Supermutant Donatello
Character profile
Profile: Supermutant Donatello    
From outta the sky comes a new breed of ultra hero. He's taller, stronger, faster... and green. It's Supermutant Donatello, who fights for justice in the streets and back alleyways. No longer can the scum of society walk in the light; no longer can they show their faces - for Supermutant Donatello is here to shut them down. One blast and his flying' fireball turns any super punk into sewer ashes. One whack and Supermutant Donatello crushes evil. One look and the bad dudes know its over.
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