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Spider-Man (Super Kick)
Manufacturer Hasbro
Line Spider-Man 3
Assortment Figures 5 inch

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2018 Toywiz 2933 $28.00 $0.00 $28.00
Item Specifics
 brand  Spider-Man Movie 3
 release_date  April 2007
Spider-Man (Super Kick)
Product description
product: Spider-Man super kick action Spider-Man 3    
Faced with a raging New Goblin and the nearly invulnerable Sandman, Spider-Man is more than happy for the extra power granted him by this new costume. He doesn't know where it came from, and he doesn't care, as long as it helps him win. Little does he know, however, that what he thinks of as some kind of enhanced costume is actually an alien that is slowly taking over his mind!

This Spider-Man figure's Sandman battling action features pull-back-and-release legs that let Spider-Man "kick" Sandman through the subway wall! Detailed and highly posable, this is one friendly neighborhood action figure to add to your collection!

product: Spider-Man 3 Hasbro Movie Action Figure Spider-Man (Super Kick Action)    
Things were looking good for Peter Parker at the end of Spider-Man 2, he had the girl, he beat the bad guy and saved the city. But slowly things have gotten dark, Sandman, a nearly unstoppable villain has appeared, Harry has taken up the mantle of the Goblin and slowly his new costume is twisting his mind like some sort of venom...Will Spider-Man be strong enough to beat two villains and his own dark thoughts Find out in Spider-Man 3 and then come to ToyWiz.com to snatch up your favorite action figures!
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