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Manufacturer Mattel
Line Masters of the Universe Classics
Assortment Figures 2014

Item Specifics
 bio  Real Name: Ritter A pirate from the Kylax system, Blade arrived on Eternia® in a spell of light cast by Skeletor® to increase his forces. Agreeing to join the Overlord of Evil™ for the right price, Blade sold his services and took part in the Second Ultimate Battleground, fighting blade to blade with He-Man® himself at the top of Viper Tower. He later traveled with a small renegade party, paid to seek the Cosmic Key from its inventor. Although he failed in this mission, his deadly mastery of the sword left its mark, and he became one of the most wanted men in Eternian history. Blade uses his dual swords to battle heroic warriors – for the right price!
 brand  Mattel
 character family  <h3>Masters of the Universe</h3>
 character name  <h3>BLADE</h3>
 for ages  <h3>18+</h3>
 gender  <h3>Boys</h3>
 productid  298759600
 size  <h3>6 inch</h3>
 type  <h3>Action Figure</h3>
 year  <h3>2014</h3>
Product description
product: Blade Figure    
“I’ve waited a long time for this!” He’s got one good eye and two deadly swords… this bad boy brandishes both weapons without hesitation. Based on the '80s vintage toy, this skilled swordsman wears removable chainmail armor with a Skeletor® face. The Blade figure arrives with two swords (one for each hand!) plus a laser whip.
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