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Iron Man Hologram Armor
Manufacturer Toy Biz
Line Iron Man
Assortment Figures 2

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2018 Amazon 11154 $9.00 $0.00 $9.00
Item Specifics
 age  4 years and up
 brand  Marvel
 productid  46113
 shipping-weight  1 pounds
Iron Man Hologram Armor
Character profile
Profile: Iron Man Hologram Armor    
Iron Man's armor contains a wide assortment of high-tech weapons and devices, among them a powerful image-inducer! With this device, Iron Man can create a number of life-like hologram duplicates of himself, for the purpose of confusing and misleading his enemies! While these holograms have no substance, they make for an effective diversion, drawing an enemy's fire and giving the armored avenger a chance to counterattack! Features Hologram Armor with Power Missile Launcher!
Product description
product: Marvel Comics 1995 Iron Man 5 Inch Action Figure - Iron Man HOLOGRAM ARMOR with Power Missile Launcher    
Red and Silver Iron Man with Hologram Armor with Power Missile Launcher. In Excellent Condition.
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