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Manufacturer Toy Biz
Line Iron Man
Assortment Figures 2

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2022 UpcItemDB Wal-Mart.com $69.95 $0.00 $69.95
2021 eBay eBay US Used $16.98 $0.00 $16.98
2021 eBay eBay.com $44.99 $0.00 $44.99
2018 UpcItemDB Newegg.com $34.18 $0.00 $34.18
2018 UpcItemDB Newegg Business $34.76 $0.00 $34.76
Item Specifics
 age  4 years and up
 brand  Iron Man
 shipping-weight  1.2 pounds
Character profile
Profile: Modok    
Created by corrupt scientists to be the ultimate organism of destruction, Modok now seeks to fulfill his genetic programming-by enslaving or destroying all life on earth! Possessing a massive intellect and psychokinetic ability, Modok's only weakness is the frailty of his physical form. Without the assistance of his robotic exo-skeleton, he could hardly even move!
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