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Hulk Buster Iron Man
Manufacturer Toy Biz
Line Iron Man
Assortment Figures 3

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2019 GoogleShopping eBay $19.00 $7.85 $26.85
2019 GoogleShopping eBay - marqtimoteo1 $36.57 $0.00 $36.57
2019 GoogleShopping eBay - javellastreasures $26.99 $9.80 $36.79
2019 GoogleShopping eBay - cavanaugh $41.00 $8.85 $49.85
2019 GoogleShopping Fishpond.com $59.41 $0.00 $59.41
2018 Amazon 11147 $42.00 $0.00 $42.00
Item Specifics
 age  9 years and up
 brand  Iron Man
 shipping-weight  1 pounds
Hulk Buster Iron Man
Character profile
Profile: Hulk Buster Iron Man    
When Iron Man's regular armor isn't powerful enough to get the job done, Tony Stark devises new specialty suits of armor - each tailored to the needs of a specific mission! The heavy combat armor contains few built-in weapons - but it boosts Iron Man's physical strength to near-impossible levels!
Product description
product: Marvel Comics 1995 Iron Man 5 Inch Action Figure - Iron Man HULK BUSTER with Power Removable Armor    
Marvel Comics 5" Iron man with Power Removable Armor
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