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Manufacturer Toy Biz
Line Iron Man
Assortment Figures 3

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2020 UpcItemDB Wal-Mart.com $19.99 $0.00 $19.99
2020 UpcItemDB Wal-Mart.com $19.99 $0.00 $19.99
2019 eBay eBay US Used $69.05 $0.00 $69.05
2018 eBay eBay.com $7.95 $0.00 $7.95
2018 UpcItemDB Newegg.com $15.02 $0.00 $15.02
2018 UpcItemDB Newegg Business $15.06 $0.00 $15.06
Item Specifics
 age  4 years and up
 brand  Iron Man
 shipping-weight  12 ounces
Character profile
Profile: Dreadknight    
His scarred face concealed by a sinister mask of steel, the modern day crusader called Dreadknight rides his winged steed into battle using his high-tech weapons to joust with the forces of good, particularly Iron Man!
Product description
product: Iron Man: Dreadknight Poseable Action Figure with Firing Lance Action    
Bram Velsing was a young, brilliant scientist dedicated to serving his homeland Latveria. Unsatisfied in simply executing the technological schemes of his evil monarch Doctor Doom, Doom discovered his scientist's rebellious ambitions. As punishment, Doom had a mask permanently fused to Velsing's face so that, like Doom's, his features were hidden forever. Anguished and humiliated, Velsing fled from Latveria and eventually came under the care of the Children, the genetic creations of Dr. Victor von Frankenstein, who in turn were tended by Frankenstein's great-granddaughter Victoria. While being nursed back to health in Castle Frankenstein, Velsing encountered the former Black Knight's winged horse, which Victoria had tried to restore to normal, but only succeeded in mutating it further. Using the horse and his scientific intellect, he decided to use his terrifying visage to seek vengeance on Doctor Doom with a new identity Dreadknight.
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