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Iron Man Samurai Armor
Manufacturer Toy Biz
Line Iron Man
Assortment Figures 4

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2022 UpcItemDB MassGenie $23.47 $0.00 $23.47
2020 eBay eBay US Used $29.99 $0.00 $29.99
2018 Amazon 11145 $9.00 $0.00 $9.00
2018 eBay eBay.com $25.80 $0.00 $25.80
Item Specifics
 age  4 years and up
 brand  Iron Man
 productid  46141
 shipping-weight  1 pounds
Iron Man Samurai Armor
Character profile
Profile: Iron Man Samurai Armor    
Among Iron Man's amazing arsenal is the Samurai Armor, a highly-specialized suit of combat armor. Sleek and stylized, the Samurai Armor gained its name because of its particular weaponry and design. Armed with katana-like blades and giant shurikens, the armor is constructed of an advanced lightweight alloy, providing Iron Man with increased mobility in battle with foes such as Fin Fang Foom and the Mandarin!
Product description
product: Iron Man > Samurai Armor Iron Man Action Figure    
Iron Man Samurai Armor 1996 5" Action Figure From Toy Biz and Marvel Comics
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