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Manufacturer Toy Biz
Line Fantastic Four
Assortment Figures 1995-2

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2018 Amazon 10985 $12.00 $0.00 $12.00
Item Specifics
 age  5 years and up
 brand  Fantastic 4
 shipping-weight  2 pounds
Character profile
Profile: Firelord    
Once a herald of the world devouring Galactus, Firelord was granted absolute control over all flames by his former master. Now freed from servitude, he wanders the spaceways, using his cosmic power to take what he desires! Unprincipled and mercenary, Firelord conceals his true demeanor beneath a facade of nobility and culture, but always displays his blazing abilities for all to marvel at,., and fear!
Product description
product: Fantastic Four Firelord Action Figure    
Help the Fantastic Four battle the cosmic forces of evil with this line of action figures from Toy Biz. Based on the Marvels original superhero team, this line consists of the original FF members, friends and villians, all of which are 5 inches in scale and fully posable and articulated. Firelord comes complete with cosmic flame launcher and 2 fireballs. Collect them all, each sold seperately.
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