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Spartan Gungnir Armor Packs (sage)
Manufacturer McFarlane
Line Halo Reach
Assortment Figures Series 5 Boxed Armor packs

Average Cost


year marketplace seller price shipping total
2018 Toywiz 8736 $26.00 $0.00 $26.00
Item Specifics
 brand  Halo Reach - Two-Pack Series 5
 format  action figure
 paint  original paint
 productid  4481
 release_date  November 2011
 released  November 2011
 scale  6-inch
Spartan Gungnir Armor Packs (sage)
Product description
product: Halo Reach McFarlane Toys Armor Pack Spartan Gungnir Figure & 3 Sets of SAGE Armor(Recon, JFO & Hazop)    
The Spartan Gungnir Armor Pack includes a base male Spartan wearing the Gungnir helmet, two Gungnir shoulders, default chest, and Gungnir knee guards; plus three sets of supplemental, interchangeable armor. Additional armor sets are Recon (helmet, two shoulders, and Tactical/Recon chest), JFO (helmet, two shoulders, and HP/HALO chest), and HazOp (helmet, two shoulders, and two Jump Jet shoulders). Each boxed Armor Pack also includes a bonus helmet; this one contains the EOD. Set is available in either default Steel or Sage.
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