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Playing Mantis
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Action Jackson (2001)
Army Men (2001)
Betty and Veronica (2000)
Captain Action (1998)
Mickey's Xmas Carol (2003)
Mystery Men (1999)
Peanuts (2002)
Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys (2000)
Santa Claus is Comin To Town (2004)
Toylines (chronological order)
1998 Captain Action
1999 Mystery Men
2000 Betty and Veronica
2000 Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys
2001 Action Jackson
2001 Army Men
2002 Peanuts
2003 Mickey's Xmas Carol
2004 Santa Claus is Comin To Town
Company history
About Playing Mantis    
As a boy, Tom Lowe, founder of Playing Mantis, loved to catch and play with praying mantises. Liking the way the words sounded, and creating a whimsical mascot to embody the feel of the company, Playing Mantis was born in 1993.

Playing Mantis is a leader in the development and production of high-quality licensed and nostalgia-related toys. Best known for its Johnny Lightning® line of die-cast automobile replicas, Playing Mantis has a growing portfolio of exciting product lines that reflect an enduring commitment to quality, value and collectibility.

Playing Mantis makes Polar Lights model kits, Captain Action & Dr. EvilT action figures, Action Jackson action figures, and the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle.

Some Playing Mantis products are branded "Memory Lane".
official website
    Playing Mantis  Playing Mantis
official website for Playing Mantis
From the News Archive
Not playing: Toys R Us owner makes low-key stock float - Daily Mail
The Money Times

Not playing: Toys R Us owner makes low-key stock float
Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter The private equity firm that owns Toys R Us and Alliance Boots is making a low-key float on the stock market. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts ...
RPT-UPDATE1-KKR Euronext listing moves closer; sees profit
KKR Hopes for a Listing on the NYSE

Posted 7/26/2009
Adult Swim Sept 2007 Robot Chicken captures the joy of playing with your toys.

Emperor Palpatine sits in his office, feet on his desk, telling his how-I-whupped-Yoda's-ass-in-the-Senate story (again) to a couple of cronies. The phone rings. It's Darth Vader — calling collect. 'Vader! How's my favorite Sith?' Then, after listening for a few beats, the prune-faced politician slams a tiny plastic fist on his desk in rage. 'Whaddya mean they blew up the Death Star?' He unleashes a flurry of V-chipped expletives. 'That thing wasn't even fully paid off yet! Do you have any idea what this is going to do to my credit?' The conversation ends with a sheepish Palpatine grumbling, 'I love you, too,' before hanging up the phone.
That scene is just one nugget of , the Adult Swim network's hit series that's about as far, far away from mainstream TV as you can get. The show's 15-minute episodes are packed with silly superhero riffs and abundant fart jokes acted out by posable action figures. Yet since its debut in 2005, has helped the cable channel set ratings records and has enjoyed brisk DVD sales. When the Palpatine snippet found its way onto YouTube last year, it generated more than a million views, creating a flock of new fans — and eventually hatching a 30-minute TV special.
So, what's the secret sauce in , a zesty hodgepodge of pop-culture in-jokes that took its name from a Chinese take-out dish? After all, parodies — especially of the goofy Star Wars variety — abound, especially online, where Darth Vader has been drolly recast as a super market manager named Chad and a contestant on The Apprentice. But Chicken serves up a unique, killer combo of stellar geek cred and exquisitely crappy stop-motion animation. 'The show looks like what nearly every kid did: You got out your cars and G.I. Joes and smashed them together,' says Chicken fan Mike Johnson, codirector of the 2005 stop-mo blockbuster Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. 'The show works because it captures the joy of playing with your toys.'
Posted 9/29/2007
Specialized Technology Resources Inc Sept 2007 Product testers not playing around

ENFIELD, Conn. – Gone is the 40-hour work week at Specialized Technology Resources Inc. Boxes of toys are piling up in the middle of its testing lab, workers are coming in on weekends, and product testers who normally would check tools or candles are working on chess sets and plastic cars.

Business is bustling since the recent recalls of millions of toys. Management at the international product testing company is considering adding to its 1,600-person staff.

'Right now, we're using everybody in toy land,' said Linda Root, manager of the company's toy testing lab here.

The recalls have toy companies from the largest toy maker Mattel to small importers clamoring to hire companies such as STR to test and retest their toys as a way to allay consumer fears ahead of the key holiday shopping season.

Several testing firms operate worldwide, including Switzerland-based SGS Group, which has 48,000 workers in 1,000 locations; Bureau Veritas Group, with 26,000 employees in 700 locations; and London-based Intertek, which employs 20,000 people in 100 countries.

Mattel's first recall this summer, 1.5 million toys tainted with lead paint, was a wake-up call for the industry, said Sue DeRagon, STR's associate director of toys and premiums. Since then, Mattel and others have recalled more than 20 million toys for high lead levels or for small magnets that children can swallow, prompting toy companies to do more tests.

That's kept the lab, housed in an old textile mill in this town north of Hartford, plenty busy. Toy companies are sending samples of finished toys to test, especially for lead and magnets, which can be dangerous if they are swallowed and join together in the digestive system.

Testers conduct a battery of tests on each toy, based either on U.S. toy safety standards or something more stringent, if that's what a company wants.

To check for lead, lab workers use a razor blade to scrape off paint from the toy's painted surface. They need 0.1 grams of paint to test, which can be a challenge when dealing with something like dice that has only painted dots, or a chess set with lots of nooks and crannies.

'It is very tedious work. It's not easy,' Root said. 'You do have to pay attention so you don't lose fingers and cut yourself in any way. There is no easy way of getting it off. It can take hours.'

If a piece of a toy can be grasped or bitten, such as an arm or leg on an action figure, testers put that piece in a torque gauge and twist it to see if it snaps. Then, they pull the arm or leg for 10 seconds. Any piece that breaks off is measured in a 'small parts cylinder.' If it fits inside the shot glass-sized cylinder, it could choke a child.

Toys are also dropped several times and placed over a candle flame for five seconds, then allowed to burn for one minute to see whether they will easily catch fire.

Testers check for sharp edges and points, and look for long strings or other pieces of cloth that could strangle a child. If a loop of string can pass over a metal 'head probe' about the size of a baby's head, it could be dangerous, Root said.

Testers also look for so-called 'filth' in the stuffing inside plush toys. 'You find bugs. Dead bugs usually. If they sweep up the floor, there could be sawdust,' Root said.
Posted 9/22/2007
Tomy 2008 Air Guitar playing i-Sobot Robot Details

Tomy releases Air Guitar <b>playing</b> i-Sobot Robot DetailsJapanese toy maker Tomy announces details about their world's smallest humanoid robot i-Sobot. Even the Guinness book of records recognizes i-Sobot as the world's smallest humanoid robot in mass production.

Tomy announced the tiny i-Sobot toy robot in January. Today the company revealed pricing and shipping dates.

Tomy will start shipping i-Sobot in Japan on October 25th for 29,800 Yen (~$245).
The i-SOBOT can be controlled via a remote. The remote features an LCD display to select special actions like hula dancing (a robot trick pioneered by Asimo in 2004) or air guitar playing. The Omnibot17u i-Sobot supports over 200 action patterns.

Tomy partnered with Sanyo to equip the i-Sobot with the environmental friendly rechargeable Eneloop batteries.

i-Sobot measures 100×165×67mm and weighs 350g.

If and when Tomy releases i-Sobot outside of Japan is not known yet. Japanese Gadget exporters like AudioCubes will have us covered anyway.

More cool Toy Robots that will be released this Christmas shopping season.
Posted 7/21/2007
Corolle June 2007 Playing with dolls is good for young guys.

The best-known toymaker in France is seeking to counter the spread of video games by encouraging boys to play with dolls.
Corolle has launched a campaign to persuade les filles to return to a product that they are abandoning and les garçons to join them.
The company says that it hopes to prepare toddlers for an adult life as New Men — caring, sharing and looking after babies.
It also wants to boost flagging sales by tapping into an untouched market for its poupées.
Mathilde Gailly, marketing director at Corolle, said:“Today fathers spend a lot of time taking care of their babies, so there is no reason why boys should not start with dolls.
“We get a lot of requests from parents and grandparents who want to buy a doll for their son or grandson.” She said that the company, a subsidiary of Mattel, the US company, was considering the development of a range of products to meet this demand.
“We have a lot of dolls dressed in pink. Why not some dressed in blue?” Mrs Gailly said that boys were happy to play with baby dolls, although not with Barbie-style toys.
“They like giving bottles and changing nappies but not brushing hair and doing make-up.” Although dolls have been in existence for the more than 4,000 years, the company says that the modern child, female and male, needs help in understanding them. So it is setting up workshops in Paris this autumn where two nursery nurses, a man and a woman, will offer advice on how to feed, clothe and bathe them.
“The point about dolls is that although there are no electronics involved, they offer an emotional apprenticeship,” Mrs Gailly said.
One of Corolle’s aims is to halt the spread of high-technology toys, which helped to drive down the doll market in France by 10 per cent last year, according to a recent study.
An initial workshop was organised yesterday to prepare for the campaign. “We have noticed that boys under 3 behave just like girls and place themselves in the role of the mother, giving bottles and changing nappies,” said a spokeswoman for Corolle.
“After 3 they start identifying with the father, and the way they play with their dolls changes. They put them on toy trains and send them down slides.” Edwige Antier, a leading child psychiatrist, said that boys who played with dolls would have no trouble establishing their sexual identity in later life.
“It’s not toys that influence sexual orientation,” she told Le Figaro. “But a boy will not manipulate a doll in the same way as his sister.” She added: “Fathers carry their babies around, why shouldn’t young boys push prams?” Corolle, bought by Mattel in 1989, sells two million dolls a year and had sales of ¤21 million (£14 million) in 2006. It has been exporting to Britain for three
Posted 6/11/2007
Takara Tomy March 2007 Licca - Washing Machine Playing Set
Price: 2,850 yen
Series: Licca
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Release Date: Mar 2007
Type: Completed Toy

Posted 3/29/2007
Playing with dolls won't affect orientation

Dear Annie: Should a little boy have an American Girl doll? My 5-year-old son talks about nothing else since his older sister got one for Christmas. His 6th birthday is coming up, and he says all he wants is that doll. He loves to play with the Barbie his older sister gave him.
We have not objected, as it seems harmless, but other boys his age are leaving the dolls behind and growing out of the girly stuff. 'Danny' also likes to play with girls, even though we have tried to get him to play with boys. The boys are usually too rough for him.
My husband is OK with the dolls, as he played with dolls when he was a child. My husband is not the most 'manly' kind of guy, as he is not into sports and stuff like that, but he's great with the kids and helping around the house.
So should we buy Danny his American Girl doll?
Sissy's Mom
Dear Mom: We often imbue toys with more characteristics than they deserve. Danny's sexual orientation is not going to change because he is a gentle soul whose older sister is one of his role models. If he preferred playing with building blocks or modeling clay, you wouldn't think twice.Pretend it's a historical action figure. Better?
Posted 3/9/2007
Playing With Your Money - The Daily Titan

Playing With Your Money
The Daily Titan, CA -
One explanation for the interest in collectible toys is linked to the revival of nostalgia pop culture. "Transformers," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and ...
Published 2/24/2007
Atelier-Sai Jan 2007 Haruhi White Buinny playing guitar 1/6 scale

Trade name Dejected cool shrine [haruhibanigarukiyaani] limited white bunny Ver of cool shrine [haruhi]. Studio 彩 edition
Manufacturer Studio 彩
Size 1/6 scale total heights approximately 260mm
Sale day 2007 January
Original name Dejection of cool shrine [haruhi]
Copyright The ©2006 mountain streams style it is and questions to be [ji] /SOS group
Standard retail price
Posted 2/6/2007
Atelier-sai Feb 2007 Bunny girl Haruhi -playing guitar (white suit) - gallery

Posted 2/4/2007
Sota Jan 2007 Now Playing - Meg Mucklebones

This series of figurines 'Now Playing' takes inspiration from the greatest nowadays movies (essentially fantastic ones). Dog Soldiers with Werewolf, Dune with Baron Harkonnen and Legend with Meg Mucklebone in a collection which will have its place near your home cinema ! Articulated figurine out of hard plastic provided with a decoration base and accessories. 3 models available. Provided in a blister.

© Universal Studios
Posted 1/30/2007
Atelier-Sai 2006 Haruhi Bunny playing guitar - Gallery
[haruhibani] black:Front[haruhibani] black:Side 1[haruhibani] black:Guitar front

[haruhibani] black:Back[haruhibani] black:Side 2[haruhibani] black:Guitar back
Posted 1/9/2007
Smithsonian Dec 2006 Paper Dolls Not Just For Playing - The Ledger

Paper Dolls Not Just For Playing
The Ledger, FL -
Paper dolls might not be as popular now as when your mom was your age, but a museum exhibit in Washington, D.C., has today's kids thinking about these old toys in a modern way.

More than 100 black paper dolls are on display at the Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum. They belong to Arabella Grayson, who started collecting them after a friend gave her a black paper doll tucked inside a birthday card about 12 years ago. 'I played with paper dolls as a child,' Grayson said, but 'I couldn't recall ever seeing a black one before.'

Now she has more than 300. But these paper dolls - the oldest of which, Topsey, was made in 1863 - are more than childish playthings. 'Toys are teaching tools,' Grayson said. 'They're the way children learn.'

'The older ones represent slaves from history,' said Denzel Moigula, 9, who toured the exhibit recently with classmates from Friendship Southeast Elementary Academy in D.C. 'You learn how people dressed back then ... and how they were treated. Some of their clothes were ripped.'

With their unruly hair, patched clothing and untied shoes (if they even had shoes), these dolls defined a role and a look for blacks, an impression that was passed from one generation to the next at a very early age, Grayson said.

As late as the 1920s, a decade that celebrated blacks as World War I veterans and talented artists and musicians, among other things, black paper dolls showed only servants.

It wasn't until the 1930s that black paper dolls showed positive, independent images that gave a more complete picture of how black Americans lived, Grayson said. The 1960s civil rights movement helped usher in the first black family paper dolls as well as the first paper-doll books with both black and white characters.

The history behind the dolls wasn't lost on the Friendship kids, who made their own paper dolls after seeing the exhibit.

Briyanah Harris, 10, liked the fact that 'I can picture the people in those paper dolls. If I just close my eyes, I imagine real people.'
Posted 12/29/2006
Skynet Oct 2006 Kapok Figure Collection - Erika playing Golf PVC
スカッとゴルフ パンヤ フィギュアコレクション 第2弾 エリカ 完成品フィギュアsrc=http://www19.a8.net/0.gif?a8mat=UBESS+DRCO36+NA2+BWGDT
sukatsu] and golf kapok figure collection 2nd feature Erika finished product figure
Product code HOB-FIG-4180
Manufacturer Skynet
Sale day late October of 06
Series name kapok figure collection
Original name [sukatsu] and golf kapok
Explanation total height approximately 160mm
Posted 10/30/2006
Playing to the Latino market - Denver Post

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - Smiling from behind their rounded spectacles, Abuelito Pancho and Abuelita Rosa sing Spanish lullabies that stir warm childhood memories for many Latinos - and tug at their purse strings.
The silver-haired grandparent dolls are the inspiration of three working moms from Miami who set out to preserve Latino culture for future generations. They ended up on the toy shelves of major retail stores, including Toys 'R' Us and Target. Last month, Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, announced it would carry the dolls at more than 330 stores.
Dressed in a guayabera shirt and traditional house robe known as a bata de casa, the Baby Abuelita dolls appeal to an increasingly powerful but underserved consumer group, experts say. Since 2000, Latino buying power has increased from $489 billion to about $800 billion, growing about twice as fast as that of non-Latinos.
Posted 10/9/2006
Mattel: A Game Worth Playing - Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha
Mattel: A Game Worth Playing
Seeking Alpha, NY -
... The Wii also made the Toys R Us "Fabulous 15" list of hot new toys. Mattel with its diverse product line, which includes Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars, is ...
Elmo situation could get even more ticklish
Published 10/9/2006
GoLive MystiKats complicates playing dolls - engadget

GoLive MystiKats complicates playing dolls

Posted Oct 5th 2006 1:28PM by Cyrus Farivar
Filed under: Misc. Gadgets, Gaming, Handhelds
These days Engadget is a male-only operation (it wasn't always that way), so unfortunately we don't have a female perspective on 21st century dolls. That said, based on our thick-skulled testosterone-infused research, we've just come across a new concept doll that strikes us as a bit too involved for a toy that can be perfectly enjoyable even when simple. The new GoLive MystiKats Interactive Fashion System combines regular dolls, a dock, and a proprietary handheld media player that takes 'themed cartridges.' (According to the company's site, each of the four characters have particular powers, like telekinesis, which were bestowed upon them by a mysterious 'kat' on their 18th birthdays.) Once you place a doll in the dock (or to use the company lingo, the 'GoLive Share'), then connect the media player, the doll will 'come to life,' allowing you to play with the doll, um, on a TV screen. But there's one catch: the 'interactive game play' only lasts for five hours. Now we're no experts, but we'd be willing to bet that we easily spent more than five hours interacting with our analog He-Man and G.I. Joe dolls action figures as kids. However, maybe that's the whole part of the shrewd plan: suckering parents into buying more cartridges. Either way, GoLive MystiKats are supposed to be available online and in stores for $100, but it's unclear how many accessories you'll get for that single Benjamin.
Posted 10/5/2006
Theatre/Playing Group kits: 1/6 scale Mina and Iroha

Zaregumi_mina23  Zaregumi_mina24

Zaregumi_iroha2  Zaregumi_iroha3
Posted 9/7/2006
McFarlane Reveals Lost Figures - Now Playing Magazine

McFarlane Reveals Lost Figures
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
McFarlane Toys has just released images of the first series of exclusive Lost dioramas featuring the characters of Charlie, Hurley, Jack, Locke and Shannon in ...
Published 8/23/2006
Comic-Con 2006: Lost Toys - Now Playing Magazine

Comic-Con 2006: Lost Toys
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
A visit to the McFarlane Toys booth at Comic-Con this weekend yielded a glimpse at the company’s upcoming line of Lost toys. Based ...
Published 7/28/2006
Comic-Con 2006: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Now Playing Magazine

Comic-Con 2006: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... is a storm that cannot be contained as it cuts a swath through the San Diego convention center leaving nothing but exclusive action figures and countless ...
Published 7/20/2006
Todd McFarlane: Part One - Lost Toys - Now Playing Magazine

Todd McFarlane: Part One - Lost Toys
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
He and his toy company will soon be exposed to a more mainstream audience though once his line of action figures based on ABC’s mega-hit show Lost debut in ...
Posted 7/19/2006
Playing with the grown-ups
To Bannockburn start-up go the spoils of `Pirates' treasure Zizzle, a small Bannockburn company that holds the master toy license for 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' is proving again that it can duel with giants Hasbro and Mattel, plundering market share in a fiercely competitive industry.
Posted 7/15/2006
Playing with the grown-ups - Chicago Tribune

Playing with the grown-ups
Chicago Tribune, United States -
... Sales of Zizzle's new action figures, role-play toys and electronics items, all based on Walt Disney Co.'s 'Pirates' franchise, are stronger than expected ...
After the theater, toy store's next
Pirates invade toyland
Posted 7/15/2006
Conventional Weekend: Wizard World Philadelphia Part 1 - Now Playing Magazine

Conventional Weekend: Wizard World Philadelphia Part 1
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... This time it was a brand new, phenomenally sculpted action figure of Zombie Stephen, or “Flyboy,” from the original Dawn of the Dead. Sweet. ...
Posted 6/7/2006
McFarlane Gets Lost Toys - Now Playing Magazine

Film Fodder
McFarlane Gets Lost Toys
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
McFarlane Toys has struck a deal with Disney and ABC to produce a line of toys based on Lost. Coming this fall, the toys will be ...
McFarlane Toys Gets Lost -- Announces Exclusive Action Figure Line ...
"Lost" Action Figures And Videogame Hatched
TV Characters As Action Figures
Published 5/24/2006
Playing For Keeps - Pulse 24

Playing For Keeps
Pulse 24, Canada -
... $48 million in the US and Canada in its first three days, considered a disappointment, leaving some to fear all those mini-Tom Cruise action figures could stay ...
Posted 5/9/2006
PLAYING 'CHICKEN' ON DVD First season of Cartoon Network show ... - Birmingham News

PLAYING `CHICKEN' ON DVD First season of Cartoon Network show ...
Birmingham News, AL -
... Nothing is sacred or off limits with this series which takes action figures, dolls, stuffed animals and other assorted toys you might remember from your ...
Posted 4/14/2006
Transformers The Movie Playing At Clinton St. Theatre In Portland, OR
Transformers The Movie is playing for one week at the Clinton Street Theatre in Portland, Oregon. For more details check out http://www.clintonsttheater.com/.
Posted 3/21/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Toy Biz - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Toy Biz
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
While Toy Biz wasn’t able to accommodate Now Playing this year with a tour of their showroom – the first time in several years that yours truly hasn’t ...
Published 3/19/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Sideshow Collectibles - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Sideshow Collectibles
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... Now. Sideshow is also utilizing the services of Japanese company Medicom to distribute their own take on the Marvel heroes (and villains) in 12-inch form, with ...
Published 3/19/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Hasbro - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Hasbro
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... But now, as the Star Wars movies have come to an end, Hasbro is beginning to embrace some new properties that are near and dear to fans’ hearts too, not the ...
Published 3/19/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Hasbro - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Hasbro
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
A trip to the Hasbro showroom at New York’s Toy Fair has almost become perfunctory, a no-brainer. As the chief manufacturer and ...
Published 3/19/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Diamond Select - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Diamond Select
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
Diamond Select’s line of action figures, busts, and collectibles has always relied heavily on its ties to Marvel Comics, but with the acquisition of ...
Toy Fair 2006: Hasbro
Posted 3/4/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Hasbro - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Hasbro
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... brainer. As the chief manufacturer and distributor of Star Wars action figures, how could you not stop by to see what’s shaking? ...
Posted 3/1/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Sideshow Collectibles - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Sideshow Collectibles
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
No visit to New York’s annual Toy Fair would be complete without a stop at the Sideshow Collectibles gallery, where some of the biggest highlights of the ...
Published 2/22/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Toy Biz - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Toy Biz
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
While Toy Biz wasn’t able to accommodate Now Playing this year with a tour of their showroom – the first time in several years that yours truly hasn’t ...
Published 2/22/2006
Toy Fair 2006: DC Direct - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: DC Direct
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... would have come long before now. But better late than never – so that’s what’s up, doc, at DC’s Toy Fair show this year!
Published 2/22/2006
Toy Fair 2006: DC Direct - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: DC Direct
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... Other new lines include more Elseworlds toys, new Green Lanterns, Secret Files: Unmasked dolls, which of course allow you to take the mask off of your favorite ...
Published 2/22/2006
Toy Fair 2006: DC Direct - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: DC Direct
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
DC Direct is one-stop shopping for all your DC Comics toy needs, with an ever-growing line of action figures based directly on the various comic book versions ...
Posted 2/22/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Gentle Giant - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Gentle Giant
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
... time – a few days ago. Which could only mean one thing: Toy Fair had arrived in the great city once again. And what better way ...
Toy Fair 2006: Master Replicas
Published 2/19/2006
Artwatch : Still playing with toys, but it's all in the name of art (INQ7.net)
WHILE setting up the interview and possible photo shoot with Filipino-Chinese painter Clairelynn Uy, 31, she suggests certain galleries at the Artwalk at SM Megamall as location, but warns that if she's not allowed to use their walls, 'let's do it at the comfort room or parking lot.
Posted 2/19/2006
Artwatch : Still playing with toys, but it's all in the name of ... - INQ7.net

Artwatch : Still playing with toys, but it's all in the name of ...
INQ7.net, Philippines -
... A container of action figures is stored in her former studio along with other containers for stuffed toys, Barbie dolls, clothes and accessories like swords ...
Posted 2/19/2006
Toy Fair 2006: Master Replicas - Now Playing Magazine

Toy Fair 2006: Master Replicas
Now Playing Magazine, OH -
Our Toy Fair coverage continues with a quick visit to the Master Replicas booth at the Javtiz Center. The company is best known ...
Toy Fair 2006: Gentle Giant
Published 2/18/2006
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