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Animax (1986)
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1986 Animax
1986 Filmation's Ghostbusters
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Schaper 1970s Tobor

I was goofing around online and ran across my old friend Tobor today. This is the toy robot I had as a child in the seventies. I was specifically instructed to never hold the clicker remote against my ear, so naturally that was the first thing that I did. BANG! Went my eardrum…ah, childhood.
If you look at the box, you can see that it was powered by two D cell batteries. That thing was HEAVY!
Playing with toys back then could be a dangerous proposition - razor-sharp Erector Set pieces, plastic racetrack segments perfect for whipping friends and foe alike, Micronauts with tiny, swallowable parts...those were the days.
Posted 3/29/2007
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