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Tiger Electronics
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Captain Planet (and the Planeteers) (1991)
Chi Robots (2001)
I-Cybie (2001)
Inspector Gadget (1992)
Land of the Lost (1992)
Ottobot (2001)
Tinkerbell (1991)
Turbo Man (1996)
Toylines (chronological order)
1991 Captain Planet (and the Planeteers)
1991 Tinkerbell
1992 Inspector Gadget
1992 Land of the Lost
1996 Turbo Man
2001 Chi Robots
2001 I-Cybie
2001 Ottobot
Company history
About Tiger Electronics Inc    
Tiger Electronics Inc was founded by Randy O. Rissman in 1979. It is known as the manufactutrer of Furby and Giga Pets. Tiger Electronics was acquired by Hasbro, Inc. in 1998 (in a $335 million cash deal ). It employed 275 workers at the time. Tiger Electronics was shut down by Hasbro in 2002.
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    Tiger Electronics Inc  Tiger Electronics Inc
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From the News Archive
Tiger Electronics / Sega June 2008 AMP (Automated Music Personality robot) - the ultimate musical robot?

If you can’t convince your partner to go to salsa lessons with you, why not trade them in for a robot? Or, to be more specific, an Automated Music Personality (AMP) that knows all the moves.
AMP: plays music, dances and follows you around

AMP is the result of a joint initiative between Tiger Electronics and Sega Toys to create the…er… ”future of music mobility”. The 29in-high machine connects to any MP3 player, thanks to a docking station in its back, and will quite happily pump out music doing dancing for you - without complaining that its feet hurt.
It has five basic moves: dance, track, drive, park and follow - although we’re not sure what move AMP would pull off if you asked it to do The Robot. Movement is based around Segway-style wheels that rely on a piezoelectric gyroscope.
AMP’s not just a one-trick pony though, because it also boasts over 62 different sound effects, knowledge of numerous “electrifying dance moves” and 49 expressive LED light animations.
Users control the musical robot through a remote control and several sets of speakers are built into the AMP’s body, including a 5in mid-range speaker and two tweeters.
Despite looking like handy pizza holders, AMP’s two circular ‘hands’ are actually touch pads for layering different sound effects and scratches over your music.
The Automated Music Personality robot will be available in October for $500 (£250/€300).
Posted 6/23/2008
Tiger Electronics & Sega Toys Oct 2008 AMP Automated Music Personality

Move over WALL-E, take a hike Rolly, Automated Music Personality—from Hasbro's Tiger Electronics and Sega Toys—has come to claim the throne of dancing robot music speakers once and for all. Video after the jump
Its Segway-esque legs dance to the beat of any MP3 player via 3.5mm jack, and its 49 LEDs stay shining like some kind of cybernetic Rhinestone Cowboy. The A.M.P. has touch-sensitive DJ scratching pads and 62 sound effects built in so you can spice up your songs with a little 'wiki-wiki', and an IR sensor so he will follow you (and his remote) from room to room and keep the music playing in your direction.
Too bad the A.M.P. costs 500-f'ing-dollars, which won't even buy you a Li-ion battery, since you either plug the knee-high bot into the wall (huh?) or fill it full of D cells. What's this thing made of? SOLID GOLD? It sure dances like it. Bring the price down to $99, and I will buy it. Available in October.
Posted 6/23/2008
Targa Dec 2007 Model of Density of Steel Tiger I Limited Color Ver. 14 pieces 1/48
*Model of Density of Steel <b>Tiger</b> I Limited Color Ver. 14 pieces (Completed)
Item name : *Model of Density of Steel Tiger I Limited Color Ver. 14 pieces (Completed) New Item
Manufacturer : Targa
Scale : 1/48
Series : *Model of Density of Steel
Release Date : Early Dec., 2007
Regular Price : 7,000 yen 
Posted 12/8/2007
Dec 2007 Tiger Iron Dragon's Eve And Plie.
Posted 12/8/2007
Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Nov 2007 MIO PUP: An Interactive Companion - PC Magazine

Hasbro's MIO PUP is a cross between the plush Pound Puppies from the '80s and the Tamagotchi virtual pets from the 90s. For girls ages six to nine, PUP is a cute and loveable interactive pet that stands 10 inches tall. Pet, hold, or speak to it, and the adorable pup responds with colorful LEDs, sounds, and music, and even babbles back in its own robotic pup language.
Through 'emototronic' technology, it shows over 100 different animations in its eyes, such as feelings of happiness, surprise, hunger, and love. And just like a real pet, it walks and loves to be held. Tickle under its chin and stroke its back, and watch it wiggle its little tail and ears. Give the dog a bone, and its eyes will light up.
The MIO PUP companion is available for $49.99 (direct) and comes with four AA batteries.
tiger/miopup/images/mio-pup-logo1.jpg width=182>

SEE WHAT I FEEL - More Than 100 'Eye-Cons' Light Up My Eyes!
Hi, I'm MIO PUP! The more we play together, the more you'll learn about me. My eyes can show you if I'm happy or sad, excited or hungry! I'm an ultra-cool mash-up of high-tech robotics, virtual emotion, and EMOTOTRONIC technology!
tiger/miopup/images/dogAni.gif width=289>
Posted 12/1/2007
Mandy Jouan Oct 2007 Tigers...Zombies...Tiger zombies??

Tigerzombie_imag height=267 alt=Tigerzombie_imag src=http://www.plasticandplush.com/plasticandplush/images/2007/10/19/tigerzombie_imag.jpg width=370 >
Plush designer Mandy Jouan teamed up with video director Josh Forbes to create four plush life-sized Tiger Zombie monsters for the music video 'Tigers' by the Division Day.   Each zombie tiger was hand-sewn and designed by Mandy with the help of seamstress Tess Lee.  And if you really enjoy them, Mandy has just released a new line of hand-sewn tiger zombie plush toys based off the original designs.
Posted 10/27/2007
Sideshow 2007 John Wayne in his Tiger Stripe camo - 12 inch

We are excited to bring you the first look at another John Wayne 12-inch figure, this time in his Tiger Stripe uniform! After donning the duds for his Vietnam-era film, these field fatigues became so synonymous with The Duke that the pattern was known as the 'John Wayne Tiger Stripe' .
John Wayne 12-inch Figure - <b>Tiger</b> Stripe Editiontigerstripe_01.jpg width=630>
Sideshow Collectibles presents the John Wayne - <b>Tiger</b> Stripe Edition 12-inch Figuretigerstripe_02.jpg width=316> John Wayne Collectible Figuretigerstripe_03.jpg width=314>
Posted 3/31/2007
Tiger Electronics Feb 2007 Toy Fair
American International Toy Fair 2007

Brushing your teeth is about to feel – and sound – better than ever as Tiger Electronics delivers on its promise of product innovation with the revolutionary TOOTHTUNES, a brand new toothbrush featuring proprietary technology that will encourage people of all ages to brush for two full minutes – the amount of time generally recommended by dentists. TOOTHTUNES’ safe and patented technology transmits songs and music vibrations through the teeth, which are then heard in the inner ear. Users will hear two full minutes of the hottest music from today’s biggest stars, which will keep them brushing. Hasbro will introduce up to 20 different versions of TOOTHTUNES this spring, each featuring a hit song. Kids can choose from a variety of their favorite tunes, the first wave to hit store shelves includes: All Star, Smashmouth; Get'cha Head in the Game, B5 from the High School Musical soundtrack; Best of Both Worlds, Mylie Cyrus / Hannah Montana; We're All in this Together, from the High School Musical soundtrack; The Party's Just Begun, The Cheetah Girls; Kiss The Girl, Ashley Tisdale. For updates on new TOOTHTUNES releases visit www.toothtunes.com. (Approximate retail price $9.99; Available nationwide in February 2007. Three AAA batteries are included.)
POWER TOUR Electric Guitar
Turn It On, Turn It Up, Rock Out™! With the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar, guitar fans can learn to pound out power cords, shred leads and rock right out of the box! Featuring four different modes – ‘jam,’ ‘learn,’ ‘band’ and ‘speaker’ - music enthusiasts can choose to learn how to play the 12 pre-loaded songs or plug in an MP3 player and jam along to their favorite playlist. Once a song is selected, tweens simply follow along to the lights - the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar will ‘light’ the way to where fingers should be placed so tweens can play at their own speed, hitting the right notes at the right time. As players learn, they can select from rock songs of increasing difficulty, and even change the guitar’s sound to ‘metal,’ ‘punk,’ ‘digital,’ or ‘indie.’ Featuring authentic guitar sounds and classic “Gibson” styling, the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar boasts lots of really cool guitar features including strum bar, palm mute bar, input/output jacks, touch sensors, multicolored LED lights and dual function knobs. Tweens have never rocked this hard, this easy! Four “AA” batteries are required but not included. (Approximate retail price: $69.99; Ages 10 years & up; Available: August 2007)
What’s black and white and cool all over? I-CY, the performing penguin! The newest – and ‘chillest’ – interactive music companion in the popular I-DOG family, I-CY loves to ‘dive’ into music of all kinds: rock, punk, rap, hip-hop and more! Using the included dual ended cable, plug I-CY into the headphone jack of any standard music system and music will broadcast through a built-in speaker. Whether users plug I-CY into a hand-held music system or simply sit it in front of a speaker I-CY will flap its flippers and rock side to side with the rhythm of the song. Watch I-CY’s belly light up with delight as it moves and grooves to the music. To keep this penguin pal happy and groovin’ give it lots of music and interaction – but watch out, you can make I-CY mad (and mute your music) by pressing its tail! Three AAA batteries are required, but not included. (Approximate retail price $19.99; Ages 8 years & up; Available: Spring 2007)
Posted 2/6/2007
Bandai Feb 2007 Toy Fair: Bandai Unveils New Action Figures, Youth Electronics & Toys ...

Bandai America Unveils New Action Figures, Youth Electronics & Toys with Online Interactivity at the 2007 American International Toy Fair in New York City
Tuesday January 30, 8:00 am ET
Media Invited to Meet One-On-One with Bandai America Executives to Learn More About its Product Portfolio and the Hot Industry Trends
--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bandai America:
WHAT:          The exclusive Bandai Executive Suite at Toy Fair 2007
                features one-on-one briefings led by senior Bandai
                executives. A glimpse at the hot industry trends will
                be provided, as well as a vision on how the company's
                products connect - both offline and online - with kids
                of all ages in 2007. Specifically, media will learn
                and see firsthand how Bandai America will:

               -- Offer the most technologically advanced Tamagotchi
                ever created, which is sure to remain the #1 selling
                'virtual pet' toy in 2007

               -- Leverage its leadership position in the hot youth
                electronics category, with the Tamagotchi, to launch
                the new interactive Girlz Connect lifestyle brand

               -- Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Power Rangers
                toy line with exclusive promotions, events and
                products never before seen in the lineup

               -- Launch new action figure product lines for Ben 10
                and Team Galaxy, both based on popular Cartoon Network
                shows that leverage our strength in the boys' aisle

WHEN:          Briefings available Sunday, February 11th and Tuesday,
                February 13th from 9:00am - 5:00pm. To schedule an
                appointment, please contact Darin Tambascio of The
                Rogers Group at 310-552-4199 or

WHERE:         Bandai Executive Suite at The Carlton Hotel in the
                Madison Room
               88 Madison Ave., between 28th & 29th Streets
               Hotel Phone: 212-532-4100

INTERVIEW      Bandai America senior executives will discuss the hot
OPPORTUNITIES:  trends at the show, including their new toy lineup for
Posted 1/30/2007
Jan 2007 Las Vegas Consumer electronics Show: From boom boxes to vacuums, robots making presence known

January 9, 2007
Associated Press
Some of the stars yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas were (from top) Yujin Robot's iRobi, Erector's spy robot, Spyke, and the Bioloid Puppy by Robotis Co.
LAS VEGAS – A shiny black plastic gizmo – shaped like a football with mushroom caps on either end – cranks out music and then rocks out to its own tunes, twisting and spinning its mushroom wheels around the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show, which opened yesterday.
Dubbed Miuro, the autonomous boom box can learn the floor plan to a house and roll from room to room to serve as a whole-home alarm clock, or it can entertain as a dancing sound system.
On a nearby table, a cute little fellow named PLEN is learning to roller skate. The 9-inch-tall robot is receiving programming instructions, via Bluetooth signals from a nearby cell phone, that send him skating to the edge of the table and back.
Across the aisle, iRobi flashes an LED smile, apparently pleased with his ability to provide recipes, play games and run educational programs.
Welcome to the dawn of the home-robot era in America. This Consumer Robotics Tech Zone at the country's largest gadget expo is one sign that the autonomous gadgets are arriving.
At least a dozen companies are demonstrating prototypes and real products. Some, like PLEN, are expensive toys. The programmable robot is not yet available in the United States, but would sell for about $2,500 if and when it is distributed here, its manufacturer says.
A less expensive toy, Spyke, is a build-it-yourself robot from Erector. A WiFi-controlled “spy robot,” Spyke responds to commands from a Web page and includes a video Web camera, speakers, a microphone and the ability to serve as an Internet phone.
The toy is expected to be available this summer at a price of $269.
Other robots on display are kits for hobbyists and classrooms, or entertainment devices that play music, games and movies. Still others, like iRobi, are designed to be automated companions that make a contribution to a household.
Posted 1/9/2007
Tiger electronics March 2007 Music Penguin is Called IC-Y

Hasbro's Music Penguin is Called IC-Y
I4U -
Hasbro Music Penguin Called IC-Y Technology News, <b>Electronics</b> Buy Guide and Gadget Review


After the iDog, iCat and iFish it of course was time for Hasbro to introduce a penguin - his name is IC-Y.

The design is very extremely minimalist and I find the penguin actually not that cute when comparing it to the iDog.

I-CY can flap his flippers and put on some light show. Apparently I-CY does not appreciate it when you flick his tail.
Hasbro (Tiger Electronics) will introduce IC-Y in March.
Posted 12/29/2006
Mattel Dec 2006 Mattel licenses Barbie for Emerson Radio electronics line - Bizjournals.com

Mattel licenses Barbie for Emerson Radio electronics line
Bizjournals.com, NC -

Mattel Inc. and Emerson Radio Corp. have started a new licensing partnership where Emerson will produce a line of Barbie Real Electronics, the companies said Wednesday.
The companies will launch the new line at the International Consumer Electronics show in January 2007, and they will be available in spring 2007. It will include the Tune Blossom personal CD player, the Hour Garden talking alarm clock with night light, the Bloombox portable CD player and a 13 inch television with digital tuner and a matching DVD player.  
The line is designed for girls 4-8 years old and features a Barbie pink style. Items also include a 'gemstone' fun button featuring Barbie-themed play experiences.
Parsippany, N.J.-based Emerson Radio Corp. (AMEX: MSN) designs, markets and licenses lines of televisions and other video products, microwaves, clocks, radios, audio and home theater products.
El Segundo-based Mattel (NYSE: MAT) is the world's largest toy maker. Its brands include Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price.

Posted 12/17/2006
Banpresto Sep 2006 Urusei Yatsura - DX Figure 2 Lum Tiger Stripe Bikini
Price: 1,400 yen
Series: Urusei Yatsura
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Release Date: Sep 2006
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: Very cool UFO prize item of the green hair alien, Lum, from the classic 'Urusei Yatsura' anime series in her usual tiger stripe bikini costume. A custom star base is included for stability.

Posted 12/15/2006
Dark horse Nov 2006 Tony the Tiger Vinyl Figure

Tony the <b>Tiger</b> Vinyl Figure 
They're Gr-r-reat! Tony the Tiger has been there for you since childhood. You stared at his face on the Frosted Flakes box every morning before school and now you can spend quality time with him again. This 7-inch tall Tony the Tiger figure is made of vinyl and comes with a smaller Tony Junior figure. He would love to catch up with you. It has been awhile.
Posted 11/27/2006
Tiger Electronics & Lightborne Designs & Animates New Campaign for Hasbro - Dexigner
Lightborne Designs  Animates New Campaign for Hasbro

Lightborne Designs & Animates New Campaign for Hasbro

Lightborne, a production and design collective, recently wrapped a campaign to promote the latest interactive music toys from the Hasbro Tiger Electronics division: I-DOG, I-CAT and I-FISH.

Using a fusion of graphic design and animation, Lightborne worked closely with ad agency Wondergroup to make these robotic 'pets' come to life.

The spots for I-DOG, I-CAT and I-FISH showcase the toys' unique abilities to plug into any portable MP3 player or listen to any type of stereo system, and move and groove to the music.

Their mood changes with the music they hear, displaying different colored LEDs and expressive movements.

During the spots dynamic graphics and colorful dots interact with the electronic pets, which are set against a white background.

The commercials conclude with the catchy and very fitting taglines, 'Cat scratchin' the beat,' 'Beggin' for the beat,' and 'Swimmin' in waves of music.'

The goal with the campaign was to introduce the new toys and show their personalities in an energetic manner.
Posted 10/27/2006



src=http://www.todocoleccion.net/images_tc/vent_mm.gif  10,80 EUR
Posted 10/17/2006
Iron Tiger Drgon booth at WHF Yokahama DASH-1: Purie

Posted 10/10/2006
Iron Tiger Dragon Modelling Group: Rena from Hime

Tekouryu_rena3  Tekouryu_rena4
Posted 9/27/2006
With younger children's increasing interest in electronics, Mattel has needed engineers to keep up

Toy Box Technology
Daily Breeze, CA -
... Still, other brands saw increases such as American Girl and Core Fisher-Price. The No. 1 toy maker's overall sales were up 8 percent. ...
Posted 8/20/2006
Tigerlily Vinyl from Gama-Go @ SDCC !
Very cool. Gama-Go will release the long-rumored 6.5 Tigerlily vinyl at their SDCC booth (#4838). Tigerlily is dressed to kill in a flocked Tiger suit with a revolver accessory. This cute and memorable figure is limited to 500 pices and will set you back $60. Tim Biskup's daughter is living...
Posted 6/28/2006

comic Book Resources -
Some of us chose to send our action figures out to guard us, and some just installed a night light, but what if your stuffed animals were your last, best hope ...
Published 4/18/2006
Sharp Microelectronics Expands Collaboration with Fisher-Price for ... - Nikkei Electronics Asia

Sharp Microelectronics Expands Collaboration with Fisher-Price for ...
Nikkei Electronics Asia, Hong Kong -
April 17, 2006 -- Sharp Microelectronics' design for the Fisher-Price Pixter multimedia portable device is claimed to have affirmed Sharp's position as a ...
Published 4/17/2006
BlueStreak SoC drives multimedia toy - Electronics Talk

BlueStreak SoC drives multimedia toy
Electronics Talk, UK -
A design win for the new Fisher-Price Pixter Multi-Media portable device affirms Sharp's position as a cost-effective design solution source for video ...
Published 4/6/2006
DX Figure Lum Tiger Stripe Bikini
Price:1,500 yen
Series:Urusei Yatsura
Release Date:Mar 2006
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description:Sweet prepainted PVC 'UFO-catcher' style figure of the annoying alien Lum in her trademark tiger-striped bikini outfit. Comes with a custom display base. Please note that figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Published 3/23/2006
Consumer electronics makers wooing young customers - Rutland Herald

Consumer electronics makers wooing young customers
Rutland Herald, VT -
... store.". Amazing Allysen from Playmates Toys Inc., a companion doll to last year's Amazing Amanda, a surprise hit last holiday season. ...
Published 3/19/2006
Jakks eyes the ‘tiger’ - Playthings

Jakks eyes the ‘tiger
Playthings, NY -
MALIBU, Calif.—Jakks Pacific has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with MGM Consumer Products to develop, manufacture and distribute a line of toys ...
Published 3/19/2006
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