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Toylines (alphabetical order)
(Tonka Drivers) (1988)
Aurora (1987)
Go Bots (1985)
Play People (1979)
Rock Lords (1986)
Spiral Zone (1987)
Star Fairies (1985)
Steel Monsters (1986)
Super Naturals (1987)
Willow (1988)
Toylines (chronological order)
1979 Play People
1985 Go Bots
1985 Star Fairies
1986 Rock Lords
1986 Steel Monsters
1987 Aurora
1987 Spiral Zone
1987 Super Naturals
1988 (Tonka Drivers)
1988 Willow
Company history
About Tonka    
Tonka began in the basement of an old school house in 1947, as Mound Metalcraft Company. Today it is the Tonka Toy Group of multi-billion dollar Hasbro, Inc. Tonka Toys is known as for making tough steel trucks, built to last. Over the years, steel ghas given way to plastic, though. Tonka's first pickup did not roll off the assembly line until 1955. So what what was going on at Mound Metalcraft from 1947 to 1955? The company make lawn and garden utensils (rakes, hoes and the like). Although the Tonka name appeared on all products manufactured by Mound Metalcraft from 1947 on, Tonka, as a company, did not incorporate until 1955.
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