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Toy Island
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Fighting Talk! (1992)
Hero Talk (1991)
Lazer Wars (1998)
MASK The Animated Series (1997)
Monsters (1992)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (1997)
Mummy, The (1999)
Rambo (1997)
Robocop (1993)
Robocop Alpha Commando (1998)
Sonic Adventure (2000)
Sonic X (2005)
Sound Team / Force (1989)
Space Attack (1991)
Sports Talk (1991)
Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1995)
Toonsylvania (1998)
Universal Monsters (2007)
Video Command (1992)
Voice Patrol (1991)
Voice Raiders (1991)
Voice Rangers (1991)
Voice Squad (1991)
Voice Warriors (1991)
Toylines (chronological order)
1989 Sound Team / Force
1991 Hero Talk
1991 Space Attack
1991 Sports Talk
1991 Voice Patrol
1991 Voice Raiders
1991 Voice Rangers
1991 Voice Squad
1991 Voice Warriors
1992 Fighting Talk!
1992 Monsters
1992 Video Command
1993 Robocop
1995 Terminator 2 Judgement Day
1997 MASK The Animated Series
1997 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
1997 Rambo
1998 Lazer Wars
1998 Robocop Alpha Commando
1998 Toonsylvania
1999 Mummy, The
2000 Sonic Adventure
2005 Sonic X
2007 Universal Monsters
Company history
About Toy Island    
Toy Island Manufacturing Company Limited is a Hong-Kong based toy manufacturer, which is part of the Li & Fung Group of companies (80% equity stake held indirectly). Henry CHAN, aged 50, is the Chairman of Toy Island Manufacturing Company Limited. He has over 23 years of experience in the toy industry. Toy Island is a somewhat under-rated toy company, as its figures seem to offer greater play value, at a lower cost.
About the Li & Fung Group    
Founded in Canton (now Guangzhou), the PRC in 1906, the Li & Fung Group is a multinational group of companies headquartered in Hong Kong operating three distinct core businesses – export sourcing, integrated distribution and retailing. The Group’s export sourcing arm is Li & Fung Limited – reputedly the world's leading buying agency for consumer goods that manages the supply chain for retailers and brands worldwide through a sourcing network of over 70 offices in 40 countries and territories. Integrated Distribution Services Group Limited is a leading integrated-distribution services provider in Asia specializing in manufacturing, logistics and marketing. It focuses primarily on serving brand owners of consumer and healthcare products who wish to penetrate the Asian market. The Group’s retailing business includes the publicly traded Convenience Retail Asia Limited and Toys”R”Us;
Branded Lifestyle and Licensing, with store network extending from the Greater China markets to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea. The Li & Fung Group has a total staff force of over 18,000 worldwide. Please visit w.lifunggroup.com for more about the Li & Fung Group.
Toy Island Lands RoboCop License - Feb 1998    
Toy Island Manufacturing received the master toy license for the syndicated animated television show Robocop: Alpha Commando, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The toy company will produce a variety of collectibles and die-cast vehicles for its RoboCop line, as well as a series of 5-inch and 12-inch figures.
From the News Archive
American Girl June 2009 Rebecca Rubin, 1st historically correct Jewish doll - Hilton Head Island Packet

She's what little girls and rabbis have been waiting for: Rebecca Rubin is the first historically correct Jewish-American doll.
American Girl, a Wisconsin-based company that is part of toy giant Mattel, just released the newest doll in its historical character line. The 18-inch Rebecca Rubin comes with a storybook that describes her life as a 9-year-old in 1914, the daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants, growing up on Manhattan's Lower East Side.
The cost: $95. Add another $23 for the other five books in the collection, and more for accessories such as kittens ($22), pajamas ($54) and a bedding ensemble ($118). Rebecca comes with a Sabbath set of candlesticks and challah bread for $68.
The idea of a Jewish doll was already popular, said Julie Parks, a company spokeswoman. 'It's really one of the top requests we've had for a long time.'
The doll shows 'the complete Americanization of the Jews,' said Rabbi David Mark of Temple Sholom in Pompano Beach, Fla. 'We have a cultural icon we can call our own.'
Posted 6/20/2009
Pete Fowler & STRANGEco Dec 2007 Monsterism Island - Van Orlax

Pete Fowler's VanOrlax giant vinyl figure is the latest addition to Monsterism Island.  The towering 20' tall vinyl figure is a limited edition of 100.  This brown version is available in theU.S. through STRANGEco, with only 20 available pieces.  It runs $239.99 and limited to one per customer.
Posted 12/8/2007
Japan Dec 2007 Vacationing at the beach - shigaki Island
After visiting Okinawa for the first time last year, we made the decision to go back every year. This time however, we decided to spend our time on Ishigaki Island - or Ishigaki Jima [石垣島> in Japanese.
Ishigaki <b>Island</b> (click to enlarge)
Stayed at the ANA resort hotel not too far from the airport. Pretty decent facilities. The water in the beach area gets really shallow depending on the tide.
Ishigaki <b>Island</b> (click to enlarge)
Example of the food they served at the hotel.
Ishigaki <b>Island</b> (click to enlarge)
This time round managed to get a more decent car. If you are visiting then you really need a car to get around the island.
Ishigaki <b>Island</b> (click to enlarge)
The schedule was pretty much the same as last year. Drive > discover nice beach > jump in > dry off > drive > discover nice beach...
Ishigaki <b>Island</b> (click to enlarge)
Many warning signs on the beaches telling folks to lookout for poisonous jellyfish.
However, didn't spot any signs asking folks to look out for bikini girls.
Posted 12/8/2007
Southern island 2007 Fruits Basket Tohru Honda Limited Edition Maquette - Review
Fruits Basket Tohru Honda Limited Edition Maquette from Southern Island
Written by Antony Chow   
Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Fruits Basket Tohru Honda Maquette from Southern <b>Island</b>
Product Information
Series: Fruits Basket
Product Type: Non-Scale PolyResin Maquette
Manufacturer: Southern Island
Year of Release: 2007
MSRP: $39.99
NAF Scorecard
Craftsmanship: D
Representation: D
Creativity: C
NAF Recommendation: Don't Buy
Posted 8/26/2007
Southern Island Aug 2007 Chobot Action Figure - Kotaku.com

Posted 8/19/2007
Square Enix March 2007 Trade name Being done, indigo orchid island 10 volume first limited special equipment edition
Trade name Being done, indigo orchid island 10 volume first limited special equipment edition
Manufacturer [sukuuea] [enitsukusu]
Size Total height approximately 110mm
Sale day 2007 March
Original name Being done, the indigo orchid island
Prototype production Kiyohara 秀 昌
Explanation The first limited special equipment edition [kotobukiya] make plum plum (May May) figure supplement tin card attaching
Copyright The fujishiro Ken/the [sukueaenitsukusu] indigo orchid island [nu] it does, meeting
Standard retail price
Posted 3/22/2007
Spin Master March 2007 Marshmallow Fantasy Island Dream Zone is Potential Strangulation Hazard

TORONTO, March 13 /CNW/ - Spin Master Ltd would like to notify the public
of a potential strangulation hazard with its Marshmallow(TM) Fantasy Island
Dream Zone. The company would like to advise those consumers with product in
their possession to completely remove the beaded strings from the unit by
cutting them off the tent flaps and discarding them.

    Name of Product: Spin Master Ltd. Marshmallow(TM) Fantasy Island Dream

    Units: Approximately 16,500

    Manufacturer: Spin Master Ltd., of Toronto, Ontario

    Hazard: A child can become tangled in the 6 beaded strings hanging over
    the opening of the unit. This can pose a strangulation hazard for a

    Incidents/Injuries: Spin Master Ltd. reports one incident of a child
    becoming entangled in the beads at the entrance of the Fantasy Island
    Dream Zone.

    Sold By: Wal-Mart Canada Nationwide from July 2005 - March 2007 $39.93

    Manufactured in: China

    Remedy: Consumers should completely remove the 6 beaded strings from the
    entrance of the Fantasy Island Dream Zone

    Consumer Contact: Spin Master Ltd. customer care department at
    (800) 622-8339
Posted 3/17/2007
Alter Oct 2006 As for the virgin massive rock island Takako who is loved to the older sister 1/8 scale PVC

Posted 10/24/2006
Island Suit Goes To Trial
island_tn.jpg hspace=2 vspace=2 align=left> A federal judge in New York has ordered a trial in a copyright-infringement lawsuit against DreamWorks and Warner Brothers, alleging that Michael Bay's 2005 SF action movie The Island was based on the 1979 independent movie Parts: The Clonus Horror, Variety reported.
Published 10/23/2006
Pete Fowler - Monsterism Island @ Pixie
Taiwan was Monsterism Island as Pete Fowler's solo show and signing event at Pixie in Taipei opened on September 1st and continues through October 15th. Situated off an alley with a sweet glass wall entrance, the two level Pixie store/gallery was filled with a compendium of Pete's toys as well...
Posted 9/7/2006
NBC Developing Island Drama
NBC has ordered a script for a pilot titled Isla Du Sol, about a young woman who travels to a mysterious Brazilian island, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Published 9/6/2006
Boxed Set Re-creates Favorite Episode
Posted 8/28/2006
Girls buy into sexy: ANEB director - West Island Chronicle

Girls buy into sexy: ANEB director
West Island Chronicle, Canada -
Seanna Bilgaard (far right) and friends play with Bratz dolls. The toys contribute to the hypersexualization of young girls, says Josée Champagne. ...
Published 8/16/2006
Looking back in the Lowcountry June 19 - Hilton Head Island Packet

Looking back in the Lowcountry June 19
Hilton Head Island Packet, SC -
Bloomfield created the "Transformer," a toy robot that comes with a voice synthesizer children can use to imitate the "perfect" robot voice. ...
Published 6/19/2006
PSP becomes a Portable Island - PSPworld

island-psp-ss-3.jpg width=79 height=40 alt=>
PSP becomes a Portable Island
PSPworld -
Bandai-Namco is bringing Portable Island to the PSP. In the game, players will control their own island, complete with decorating ...
Published 4/19/2006
Livly Island 1 Box
Price:4,200 yen
Release Date:Mar 2006
Type: Trading Figure
Description:Very cute little diorama scenes from 'Livly Island'; thirteen different types to trade and collect (including a 'super secret' variant). Please note that these are trading figures and are individually sealed and randomly packed in boxes of 12 before shipment to HobbyLink Japan. As a result we are unable to honour requests for individual or specific figures, nor can we promise you which one(s) you will receive in a box. Please order only if you are willing to accept any of the possible types.

Published 4/7/2006
Shocker Toys and Southern Island Debut New Products and Shockini Mini Action Figures at Toy Fair 200
... Southern Island Debut New Products and Shockini Mini Action Figures at Toy Fair 2005 2006-03-26 Home About ...
Posted 3/26/2006
Lunch break woes - Hilton Head Island Packet

Lunch break woes
Hilton Head Island Packet, SC -
... "A Happy Meal really is an ... meal and the kids need to eat less than the kids meal.". Although popular eateries such as McDonald's and Wendy's serve large portions ...
Published 3/21/2006
From the Island of Misfit Toys @ Ben Maltz Gallery
The Island of Misfit Toys at the Ben Maltz Gallery on the campus of Otis College of Art and Design offers several distinct artistic explorations in the world of toys. Elizabeth Berdann (blu) has several large installations on display including Perfect Children, a set of gorgeous custom toys (Groob,...
Posted 2/22/2006
From the Island of Misfit Toys - Opening (2.10.2006) and thru April 15th
Here's a late reminder about the intriguing From the Island of Misfit Toys @ the Ben Maltz Gallery on the campus of the Otis College of Art and Design. The opening reception is happening as I type this (7 to 10PM pacific). This show features artists customizing toys as...
Posted 2/11/2006
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