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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Appleseed (2002)
Cowboy Bebop (2002)
Dark Angel - Phoenix Resurrection (2001)
Devil May Cry (2003)
Diablo (see also Blizzard) (2004)
Future Ninja [Crowd Toys] (2000)
Ghost in the Shell (2002)
Giant Robo (2002)
Gin Rei (2002)
Hellsing (2003)
Hero Collection (2002)
King of the Hill (2002)
Kingdom Hearts (2004)
Lupin the 3rd (2004)
Maetel Legend (2002)
Maximo (2004)
Please Teacher! (Onegai Teacher!) (2004)
Samurai X (2001)
Shin Getter (2002)
Silent Mobius (2002)
Space Ghost (2002)
Starcraft (see also Blizzard) (2004)
Steam Detectives (2002)
Trigun (2002)
Warcraft (see also Blizzard) (2003)
Toylines (chronological order)
2000 Future Ninja [Crowd Toys]
2001 Dark Angel - Phoenix Resurrection
2001 Samurai X
2002 Appleseed
2002 Cowboy Bebop
2002 Ghost in the Shell
2002 Giant Robo
2002 Gin Rei
2002 Hero Collection
2002 King of the Hill
2002 Maetel Legend
2002 Shin Getter
2002 Silent Mobius
2002 Space Ghost
2002 Steam Detectives
2002 Trigun
2003 Devil May Cry
2003 Hellsing
2003 Warcraft (see also Blizzard)
2004 Diablo (see also Blizzard)
2004 Kingdom Hearts
2004 Lupin the 3rd
2004 Maximo
2004 Please Teacher! (Onegai Teacher!)
2004 Starcraft (see also Blizzard)
Company history
About Toycom    
Over the past several years, the booming collectible toy market has seen an unprecedented surge in interest in imported Japanese toys and action figures. Toycom was created to meet that need, to provide lower pricing, better availability and the highest quality possible, and to give American anime/manga fans the chance to get the toys they want, without bankrupting their wallets. Japanese toymaker Yamato and George Sohn founded Toycom in 1997.

Yamato purchased Toycom from George in October 2000. Both parties were sadden to see their partnership come to an end. After a few months rest and gathering his thoughts, George created his own toy company, Toynami.
About George Sohn    
George Sohn was sales representative for a number of major toy companies including Playmates and Toybiz. After a few years on the job and building a large customer base, George decided to form his own company and ended his representation for Playmates and Toybiz. A company in Japan heard about George's new plans and expressed an interest in establishing a partnership with him. That company was Yamato. George had previously helped Yamato obtain several toys lines such as 21st Century Toys, Toybiz, Moore Creations and X-Concepts.

George felt that many cool cartoons could support corresponding toy lines. His gut feeling was that many of cartoon companies were missing opportunities in the market and that he could do a better job. Thus in 1997, Yamato and George formed a new company under the name of Toycom.
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    Toycom  Toycom
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