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Troll Force (1992)
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1992 Troll Force
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Toys-N-Things was began in 1952 as Southern Toy Manufacturing, which became T-N-T Sales in 1966, which in turn was renamed Toys-N-Things in 1986.

Toys-N- Things has been distributing fine wood toys for over 53 years! Their collection of wood toys includes kids teepee, Frontier building logs, basic builder in a canister, and Amaze N Marbles.
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From the News Archive
Four Horsemen Dec 2007 Things go Bad, Neca comes to the rescue.
Understandably, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the status of Ramathorr: the Elephant Swordsman” and all of his variant exclusive figures, which we are in the process of producing for FANtastic Exclusive 2007 and “The Seventh Kingdom”.
src=http://actionfigureinsider.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2007_3/RamathorrWhite.jpgAs previously stated,we ran into production problems with Ramathorr and the variants early on, and the Hong Kong factory that we were using for production promised that they would make good on their mistake by going back and remaking a portion of the initial production run free of charge.

We were happy that they were willing to work with us on this and even though we expected a small delay because of this, we had no idea what was truly in store for us…

 Roughly a month after promising to make good on their errors, the factory finally responded to one of our e-mails regarding the production status of our figures by telling us that our production schedule was going to have to be pushed back once again because larger companies were pressuring them to get their work done before they finished ours. Obviously we were pretty upset by this, but being a small group of toy designers and not a large corporation with all of the needed money and muscle, there was really not much we could do about it.

We later found out this excuse for a delay was nothing more than a lie just to buy the factory more time, and the worst news was yet to come…

Another month had gone by and after multiple e-mails to the factory with no responses, we found out from some of our friends over at NECA that because of ‘misuse of funds’ caused by the one person at the factory that we were directly dealing with, the factory that was doing the work for us – SmartLife Productions - decided to shut all production down…permanently.

Although they’d sent us a few pre-production samples of the newly revised figures (which were fantastic), no real production run had ever been started up on our figures again.

We thought the news couldn’t get any worse. We were wrong…  That’s when we found out that there was a pretty good chance that we would lose all of the steel molds that we’d already paid for in advance. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of our steel molds could possibly disappear from the factory floor and get shoved into the back of some warehouse somewhere in Hong Kong with no record whatsoever. Good times.

We were waiting to release any new information about the production status of the figures until we found out if we were going to be able to get our molds back from the factory - which was looking unlikely for a short period. Luckily, a friend of ours that we use to work with at McFarlane Toys, and the guys over at NECA stepped in for us.

Apparently, some of their molds were also still being held by this factory and, in a move we’ll never be able to fully thank them for, NECA stepped in and forced the factory to include any of our steel molds with their own and have them delivered to a new factory. We have no idea how they were able to accomplish this feat, but we are extremely grateful to them for it and we encourage everyone reading this to not only give NECA all of the business you possibly can, but to also give them a tip of the hat for being such great guys in an industry filled with greed and competition.

We’re not sure what we would have done if the guys over at NECA hadn’t stepped in on our behalf. We definitely would have been completely screwed. Thanks Joel, Randy and Tony!
Posted 12/8/2007
Sept 2007 Toy auction: Things Go Better with Coke-Like Toys and Dolls - Maine Antique Digest

At James D. Julia's toy, doll, and advertising auction on June 23 in Fairfield, Maine, the top lot brought just over $40,000, and dozens of items sold above the $5000 mark. What was equally remarkable is that only a few dozen items failed to sell, and many of them were estimated at less than $1000.
The best of the dolls was a very rare 24½' Simon & Halbig Southeast Asian woman made for the French market. The fully articulated bisque head figure with wood and composition body and glass sleep eyes was incised 'S&H Germany 1303 10,' with a red Hindu tilak or blessing mark in the middle of her forehead. Her clothes were of silk and paisley with brass coin accents, and she wore jewelry and had a dark human hair wig. It was one of the day's leaders and fell squarely mid-estimate at $25,300 (includes buyer's premium).
A Jules Steiner bébé, circa 1889, incised on the head 'J. Steiner Bte. S.G.D.G. Paris Fire E.18,' brought close to that at $23,575. She had a jointed Steiner body with painted eyelashes and a closed full mouth and was dressed in a plaid pleated dress and cape with a blonde mohair wig with extensions. She had a little repainting and wear, particularly on the hands and arms, and a professionally repaired mold flaw on the top of one ear.
For train model enthusiasts, it doesn't get much better than the work of the late German engineer August Bobner. A former machinist apprentice for Daimler Benz, he later became an engineer for Kapfenberger Constructors. In 1929 he began to build replicas of the 214 series trains, the biggest mechanical monsters of their day.
Bobner had to lay his hobby aside after the Great Depression cost him his job, and he resumed model making around 1945, turning his earlier sketches and plans into actual working models. His only steel model, the Reihe live-steam engine, is said to have taken him 5000 hours over the course of 19 years to finish. Here it finished at a mid-estimate $7475. Unfortunately, the others, all models of Reihe engines, made of wood and metal, failed to sell.
Full-size farm machinery attracts little interest these days. But shrink it down to toy size, and small becomes beautiful and valuable. A brass salesman's sample of a Sprague mower with a wooden bar, red pinstripes, and highly accurate detailing, from the adjustable gearbox to the side bar cutter, spoked wheels, and molded seat, did well, nearly tripling the estimate at $16,100.
We understand that there are only half a dozen or fewer toy Wilkins tedders (hay rakers) still around. The one sold here had a black horse, yellow iron frame, and red wheels, and the tedder arms move freely. Horse, driver, and machine were all untouched and original, and it fell within estimate at $6325.
There was clearly money in the banks. The words 'original box' count for a lot in the toy world, and a Shepard Hardware Mason Bank had one made of wood. The coin was held by the assistant in his hod, which then flipped forward, tossing the coin into the wall, as the mason mortared it up. Nearly all of the original paint was still in place, and along with the wooden box, that pushed the price well past its $4000/6000 estimate to $13,225.
When the mechanism was wound up on a little gem of a cast-iron Stevens clockwork bank, the little girl wagged her head and skipped rope. One of the legs may have been replaced, and only about half of the faded paint remained, but it was rare enough to sell within estimate at $13,225.
Posted 9/29/2007
Fisher-Price March 2007 Things appear to be going well...

Fisher-Price Inc., a subsidiary of giant toymaker Mattel Inc., paid bonuses March 12 to personnel at its East Aurora headquarters.
One employee, who asked not to be identified, described the bonuses as 'probably near a record for some people.' For some of the facility's more than 800 employees, sums approached twice what was paid in 2006 though figures were not disclosed.
Though it was good news for employees, a Fisher-Price spokeswoman said the company would not comment.
'We don't comment on our bonus structure,' she said. 'Mattel did have a good year but we can't give you any more details other than that.'
Mattel reported better-than-expected fourth-quarter profits and sales from a strong 16 percent increase in Christmas season purchases of Fisher-Price pre-school toys and improved sales of its flagship Barbie brand.
The California-based company reported fourth quarter earnings of $286.4 billion, up 2.6 percent from $279.2 million in the same quarter of 2005.
For the year, Mattel (NYSE: MAT) reported earnings of $592.9 million, compared to 2005's figure of $417.0 million, a 42 percent jump.
East Aurora is headquarters for Fisher-Price and serves also as its design, engineering, creative services and packaging center.
Posted 3/17/2007
Face of Things to Come in Robots
David Hanson is at the vanguard of a stealth robotic invasion.
The doctoral student at the University of Texas at Dallas, who recently won a $1.5 million grant to commercialize his humanoids, seems an unlikely commander for a fleet of marching, chatting 'bots.
But Mr. Hanson's cluttered workshop spread throughout a tiny house in Dallas is on the cutting edge of a quietly booming industry that may not stay quiet for much longer.
Mr. Hanson, 36, and others say that the market for personal robots is about to take a big step forward, fueled by a variety of technological advances and a growing understanding of what people want robots to do and look like.
Honda Motor Co., maker of the famous Asimo robot, believes the personal robotics industry could grow from $5.4 billion in 2005 to $17.1 billion by 2010.
And there are already plenty of success stories in the field.
More than 2 million Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners have been sold since 2002, as have millions of the Robosapien robots.
Furby, a simple robot toy by 2006 standards, sold more than 40 million units after being released in 1998.
But Mr. Hanson is aiming beyond the novelty market for something closer to reality: robots with human faces and features, capable of responding to any conversation, and able to expand their knowledge through constant connection to wireless networks.
'The problem with toys is that they're basically dead after a few hours or a few weeks,' Mr. Hanson said.
'Our concept is to generate what we call a consumer character robot.'
So while the makers of Robosapien opt for a Robby-the-Robot look, Mr. Hanson and his handful of engineers and programmers are crafting automatons with human faces, limbs, skin and speech.
One of Hanson Robotics Inc.'s most famous creations is a full-size robot designed to look -- and talk -- like science-fiction author Philip K. Dick, the man who gave the world Blade Runner, based on his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
One of the obstacles to creating realistic human robots is a theory of psychology known as the 'uncanny valley.'
The theory states that people are comfortable around robots that look like walking trash cans with gears and wires and metallic surfaces (think C3-PO from Star Wars), or cutesy toys like Furby.
But as the robot's design becomes more and more human-looking, there comes a point where the machine's realism becomes creepy to real humans.
Whether it's because of a face that looks too stiff, eyes that don't move correctly or jerky movements, people feel like they're interacting with a living corpse.
In other words, unless you can make a perfectly realistic human robot literally indistinguishable from a real human, realistic 'bots are a waste of time.
Mr. Hanson, who at one time worked in Disney's famous Imagineering department, disagrees.
Posted 11/10/2006
Face of things to come in robots
David Hanson is at the vanguard of a stealth robotic invasion. The doctoral student, who recently won a $1.5 million grant to commercialize his humanoids, seems an unlikely commander for a fleet of marching, chatting 'bots. But Mr. Hanson's cluttered workshop is on the cutting edge of a quietly booming industry that may not stay quiet for much longer.
Posted 11/8/2006
Demand rises for all things Elmo - DetNews.com

Demand rises for all things Elmo
White hot demand for T.M.X. Elmo -- the latest version of the red furry character from Mattel Inc.'s Fisher-Price that has a more pronounced laugh and body movements -- is creating a halo effect for other Elmo toys.
Toy sellers such as KB Toys Inc. and Toys R Us Inc. are reporting a sales surge in Elmo games, Elmo chairs as well as older versions of the plush doll like Hokey Pokey Elmo.
'A rising tide lifts all Elmo,' said Chris Byrne, an independent toy consultant.
Kathleen Waugh, a spokeswoman at Toys R Us, said Hokey Pokey Elmo and a plush doll called Sesame Street Potty Elmo, both exclusives from Fisher-Price, as well as Giggle and Shake Elmo plush chairs from Spin Master Ltd., are doing extremely well.
Harold Chizick, vice president of global marketing at Spin Master, said the toy maker has sold out its supply of 500,000 plush Elmo chairs to retailers, and noted that it won't be able to ship any more this holiday season.
Posted 10/13/2006
Museum showcases all things Gorey
TWO LITTLE LEGS, one slightly askew with a sneaker lace undone, poke out from underneath the blue living room rug. Sitting on a shelf, a little girl peers out from the ice block in which she's encased.
Posted 8/28/2006
Things and Stuff @ KidRobot - Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting
Things and Stuff @ KidRobot
Cool Hunting, NY -
... He makes bootleg action figures, but unlike some who knock-off action figures, he updates well-known figures to suit his own evil needs. ...
Posted 7/5/2006
There are far worse things awaiting man than death….
Bela Lugosi as Dracula, one of the most well-loved Universal Monsters of all time, is coming to Sideshow in life-sized proportion! It doesn't get much more realistic than this, folks, so keep your neck covered and crosses handy when viewing this preview! Watch your newsletters in the coming weeks for ...
Posted 6/19/2006
Adults Do The Darndest Things - BusinessWeek

Adults Do The Darndest Things
BusinessWeek -
... Noxon assures us that these aren't hipsters on a lark. There is no ironic posturing in their viewing of the Muppets or playing with GI Joe. ...
Published 6/9/2006
Wild Things Is Cast
Warner Brothers and Playtone have set Benicio Del Toro, Forest Whitaker, Michelle Williams, Catherine O'Hara, Tom Noonan and Michael Berry to star in Where the Wild Things Are, the adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's book, Variety reported.
Published 5/4/2006
A Taste Of Things To Come! Amazing Fanmade Optimus CGI
Now this is something really astounding. A fanmade CGI Optimus Prime that looks completely believable for a movie. It was done by a fan named blasphemy3_d from the CG Society Forums. This render, with accompanying movie files, shows just how good a Transformers movie can look. Even more amazing than the faked leaked footage from before.

THIS IS IN NO WAY PART OF THE UPCOMING MOVIE. But is still worth a look. The thread in question can be seen By Clicking Here. There you will find hi-res renders and a few video files.

We have mirrored the 17 MB AVI.

Right Click and SAVE TARGET AS and choose a destination.

Thanks to our own Tony_Bacala for pointing us to this.
Posted 4/2/2006
Strange Things I Saw On The Internet - MediPost Publications

Strange Things I Saw On The Internet
MediPost Publications, New York -
... new light for me. I mean, who doesn't love to see a cat covered in GI Joe figures or wearing a cheese-head? Since cats are typically ...
Published 3/30/2006
Teddy bears and baseball: Two of my favorite things - Napa Valley Register

Napa Valley Register
Teddy bears and baseball: Two of my favorite things
Napa Valley Register, CA -
... 19 so remember to bring your Woody dolls to wave around ... The first 20,000 fans will receive these toys for free so get there early so you’re not searching for ...
Published 3/29/2006
Things I Can't Live Without: David Horvath - Inc.com

Things I Can't Live Without: David Horvath
Inc.com, NY -
... In 2005, the company sold some 400,000 dolls, retailing for about $20 each. ... 'I had this as a child, and it showed me that toys can be appealing without being ...
Posted 2/24/2006
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