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Toylines (alphabetical order)
An American Tail (1991)
Battletech (1995)
Blossom (1993)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1994)
Casper (1994)
Crash Dummies, The (1991)
Dino-Riders (1987)
Dixie's Diner (1989)
Double Dragon (1993)
Ed Grimley (1988)
Gorzak (1994)
Little Mermaid, The (1989)
Looney Tunes (1994)
N.S.E.C.T. (1993)
Rocket Rollers (1990)
Swan Princess (1994)
Troll Warriors (1992)
Toylines (chronological order)
1987 Dino-Riders
1988 Ed Grimley
1989 Dixie's Diner
1989 Little Mermaid, The
1990 Rocket Rollers
1991 An American Tail
1991 Crash Dummies, The
1992 Troll Warriors
1993 Blossom
1993 Double Dragon
1993 N.S.E.C.T.
1994 Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
1994 Casper
1994 Gorzak
1994 Looney Tunes
1994 Swan Princess
1995 Battletech
Company history
About Tyco    
The company today is far different than the company founded in 1926 by John Tyler.

Mr. Tyler, who initially called his firm the Tyler Company before it became TyCo and finally Tyco, manufactured parts for toy trains before deciding to market toy train kits in 1930s. By the 1960s, when Tyco had expanded into the manufacture of scale electric racing sets, the company was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corp., a large American corporation. In the early 1980s Tyco was sold to Savoy Industries, a privately held investor group. In 1984, the company embarked on a diversification program that included the introduction of Super Blocks building sets. In 1989 Tyco purchased the Viewmaster / Ideal Group, makers of the Viewmaster Viewer, Magna Doodle, and the Ideal Nursery line of dolls. During 1992, Tyco acquired Universal Matchbox Group, makers of the world famous die-cast cars. The Tyco Preschool subsidiary is the largest licensee of Sesame Street preschool toys. Tyco employed approximately 2,200 people worldwide and was traded on the NYSE (Symbol: TTI)

In 1997 Tyco Toys merged with Mattel.
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Posted 7/26/2009
MGA Nov 2007 From an Iranian Childhood of More Work than Play, a Tycoon Rises

From an Iranian Childhood of More Work than Play, a Tycoon Rises
Iranian American wins Entrepreneur of the Year award

Washington -- Were you to talk to Isaac Larian about his childhood in Iran, he would not wax nostalgic over childhood games or playthings.  In fact, he would tell you that when his friends and cousins played or went on vacation, he did “constant, hard work” helping his father run a retail textile business.

Today, Larian is president and chief executive of the largest privately held toy company in the world, MGA Entertainment, based in Van Nuys, California.  (The ranking is based on market share comparisons.)
Isaac Larian holds Jade and Cloe Isaac Larian
On November 17, Larian was named national Entrepreneur of the Year at a ceremony in Palm Springs, California, for his “innovation, financial success and personal commitment” in building a world-class business, according to Ernst & Young, the accounting firm that sponsors the annual award.  Larian is the 21st winner and will represent the United States at the World Entrepreneur of the Year awards in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 2008.  Only one American has won the world award.
Born in Kashan, Iran, in 1954, Larian came to the United States when he was 17.  He said that when he came he had two priorities: “to survive and to get an education.”  He graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, with an engineering degree in 1978.  But he did not stick to the sciences.  “It was no twist of fate” that led him to the toy business, he said.  “I have always been interested in the exhilarating nature of selling a product.”
He began importing textiles and brassware through his own mail-order company, ABC International Traders Inc., shortly after graduating.
In 1979, he founded a company called Surprise Gift Wagon, through which he imported and distributed brand-name consumer electronic products.  By the late 1980s, he had become the first official distributor of Nintendo handheld games in the United States and had begun calling his company Micro Games of America.  It acted as a licensee of other companies’ products -- including Power Rangers and Hello Kitty.
But as Larian manufactured or distributed toy brands owned by others, he realized that his business would grow faster if he developed his own brands.

In the 1990s, Larian changed the company name to MGA Entertainment and transformed it to develop its own licenses.  Today, it makes more than 20 product lines of toys, games, dolls, consumer electronics, home décor, stationery and sporting goods.
Among MGA Entertainment’s hits are such household names in the toy business as Bratz, Yummi-Land, Storytime Collection, Rescue Pets, Miuchiz, West Coast Choppers, Market Racers and Marvel toys.  “I have always had a penchant for creativity,' he said.  “I find myself constantly seeking out new ideas and concepts that I can transform into products that make a difference in the lives of children.”
Posted 11/24/2007
Tyco - Los Crash Robots
los crash robots (Juguetes - Figuras de Acción - Otras Figuras de Acción) 
Posted 9/10/2007
TYCO® R/C Prepares for Lift-Off with Multi-Terrain Airblade™ ... - Business Wire
Click here to see downloadable versionsClick here to see downloadable versions 

Tyco® R/C, a division of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE:MAT), today announced the latest addition to its innovative radio-control (R/C) line of products that will have kids, and adults, asking to play outside no matter what time of the year. Aptly named Airblade, it is the latest concept in the R/C world; with three hover jets and extreme maneuverability, it tackles terrain of all kinds from ice and snow to dirt and water.
Creators of the original R/C hovercraft, Tyco® R/C developed Airblade vehicles with three omni-directional power lift fans and pivoting power disks all embedded in semi-pneumatic tires (air-filled and flat free) that allow for precise control and unprecedented maneuverability on multiple landscapes. The power discs on the bottom of the Airblade hovercraft serve two purposes they provide the air-cushion that the Airblade floats on, and they pivot while spinning, allowing the disc edges to catch the ground for propulsion and steering. The ability to 'catch an edge' allows the Airblade hovercraft to simultaneously move quickly and turn on a dime.
Airblade is a unique type of R/C vehicle, enabling new and innovative functionality on a hovercraft, such as blazing speed and hydro-plane responsiveness. With its durable construction, sleek styling, digital radio control and high-powered, rechargeable 12V system, Airblade rises above the rest. With two different frequencies to choose from, drivers can go head to head at the same time in the same vicinity, without radio control crossover.
Tyco® R/C Airblade vehicles come in red or blue, each sold separately, and are available nationwide at a manufacturers suggested retail price of $79.99; each vehicle comes ready to run with one 12V rechargeable NiMH battery pack and charger, as well as a 9-volt battery for the digital radio controller.
Posted 10/9/2006
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