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Toylines (alphabetical order)
An American Tail (1991)
Battletech (1995)
Blossom (1993)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1994)
Casper (1994)
Crash Dummies, The (1991)
Dino-Riders (1987)
Dixie's Diner (1989)
Double Dragon (1993)
Ed Grimley (1988)
Gorzak (1994)
Little Mermaid, The (1989)
Looney Tunes (1994)
N.S.E.C.T. (1993)
Rocket Rollers (1990)
Swan Princess (1994)
Troll Warriors (1992)
Toylines (chronological order)
1987 Dino-Riders
1988 Ed Grimley
1989 Dixie's Diner
1989 Little Mermaid, The
1990 Rocket Rollers
1991 An American Tail
1991 Crash Dummies, The
1992 Troll Warriors
1993 Blossom
1993 Double Dragon
1993 N.S.E.C.T.
1994 Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
1994 Casper
1994 Gorzak
1994 Looney Tunes
1994 Swan Princess
1995 Battletech
Company history
About Tyco    
The company today is far different than the company founded in 1926 by John Tyler.

Mr. Tyler, who initially called his firm the Tyler Company before it became TyCo and finally Tyco, manufactured parts for toy trains before deciding to market toy train kits in 1930s. By the 1960s, when Tyco had expanded into the manufacture of scale electric racing sets, the company was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corp., a large American corporation. In the early 1980s Tyco was sold to Savoy Industries, a privately held investor group. In 1984, the company embarked on a diversification program that included the introduction of Super Blocks building sets. In 1989 Tyco purchased the Viewmaster / Ideal Group, makers of the Viewmaster Viewer, Magna Doodle, and the Ideal Nursery line of dolls. During 1992, Tyco acquired Universal Matchbox Group, makers of the world famous die-cast cars. The Tyco Preschool subsidiary is the largest licensee of Sesame Street preschool toys. Tyco employed approximately 2,200 people worldwide and was traded on the NYSE (Symbol: TTI)

In 1997 Tyco Toys merged with Mattel.
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