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Infinite Concepts
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Mortal Kombat (1999)
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1999 Mortal Kombat
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President Terry Lattimer is a toy industry veteran, and the developer of C.O.G.J.I.T.G (Center of Gravity Joint Integrity TechnologyG), which allows for amazing poses, and balancing up-til-now not seen in any action figure. According to Infinite Concepts: "This unique design maintains the human, animal or cartoon figure's anatomical Joint Integrity. Pains-taking attention to esthetic design and unique use of production parts and connections achieve a more fluid and natural transition within each individual articulation point's extreme degrees of movement."
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    Infinite Concepts  Infinite Concepts
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From the News Archive
2009 SDCC Day 2: JLU, Infinite Heroes, Movies Masters 12", DCU Greatest Collection And More
2009 SDCC Day 2: JLU, Infinite Heroes, Movies Masters 12', DCU Greatest Collection And More
Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel 2008 Infinite Heroes - Review
Mattel Toy's Infinite Heroes

<binfinite6_1.jpg src=http://www.comicbookbin.com/artman2/uploads/4/infinite6_1.jpg width=275 >

Through the years, I can’t say we’ve ever had a shortage of superhero toys but until DC Direct stepped onto the scene ten years ago, DC Superhero action figures were relatively limited to Batman and Batman related characters.  Mattel Toys and DC Comic Books have recently come to an agreement to open the vault of DC Superheroes to Mattel Toys and thus far they are doing a bang up job.

<binfiniteheroes01.jpg src=http://www.comicbookbin.com/artman2/uploads/4/infiniteheroes01.jpg width=275 >

Mattel Toys are continuing the Justice League Unlimited series of action figures through Target stores exclusively.  Mattel Toys are also just getting started with their excellent series of Marvel Legends like action figures designed and sculpted by the popular “Four Horsemen” team for the DC Universe series.  Mattel Toys still continue the many series’ of Batman action figures as well.

Recently announced by Mattel toys will be a brand new series of DC action figures called “Infinite Heroes”. Infinite Heroes’ figures will be released in single packs, three packs and six packs.  This should create quite the impression and significant shelf space in the action figure isle.

<binfinite3.jpg src=http://www.comicbookbin.com/artman2/uploads/4/infinite3.jpg width=275 >

This line will be an expansive series of 3 ¾” action figures with standard articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, legs and knees.  However, the articulation is not consistent as it appears some figures will have more pose ability than others.  The line sounds like a dream come true for me as I am a confessed collector of 3 ¾” action figures.

<binfinite4.jpg src=http://www.comicbookbin.com/artman2/uploads/4/infinite4.jpg width=275 >

Posted 7/26/2008
Infinite Missing Figures Crisis - Comic Book Bin

Infinite Missing Figures Crisis
Comic Book Bin, Canada -
... some INFINITE CRISIS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURE INNER CASE ASSORTMENTS (FEB060344) were missing either the OMAC or EARTH-PRIME SUPERBOY action figures, DC Direct ...
Posted 11/10/2006
Bandai 2006 Infinite Justice Gundam

Infinite Justice Gundam

<b>Infinite</b> Justice Gundam
Name Infinite Justice Gundam
Toy Line HG Model Kit
Number ZGMF-X19A
Mfg. Bandai
Released 2006
Materials ABS, Plastic, PVC
Scale 1/100
Category Gundam, Model Kit
Series Gundam, Gundam SEED
Orig. Price $32.99

Posted 10/18/2006
DC Infinite Crisis Power Girl - Comic Book Bin

Infinite Crisis Power Girl

Posted 10/8/2006
Raven Moon's Gina D to Appear LIVE with Barney at ''Kids Faire' ... - New Age Media Concepts (press release)

Raven Moon's Gina D(R) to Appear LIVE with Barney at ''Kids Faire' ...
New Age Media Concepts (press release) -
... The annual event is presented by TOYS R US and ALBERTSON'S and Bay Area television station NBC 11 is a broadcast sponsor with over 200 of America's most ...
Published 4/16/2006
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