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21st Century Toys
Toylines (alphabetical order)
America's Finest (1999)
Misifts (1999)
Ultimate Soldier (1997)
Ultimate Soldier 32x (1997)
Ultimate Soldier Xtreme Detail (1997)
Villains (1997)
Toylines (chronological order)
1997 Ultimate Soldier
1997 Ultimate Soldier 32x
1997 Ultimate Soldier Xtreme Detail
1997 Villains
1999 America's Finest
1999 Misifts
Company history
About 21st Century Toys    
21st Century Toys, Inc. is a family-owned Alameda based toy company specializing in action figure toys of unbeatable quality, authenticity and attention to detail. The company burst on to the scene in 1997 when it introduced their Vietnam Series I & II uniform sets for 12-inch action figures. Over the last four years the company has grown exponentially and is well known among collectors for a wide variety of quality action figures and accessories.

21st Century Toys action figures come in 1/6th, 1/18th and 1/32nd Scale. Action Figure series include the Ultimate Soldier®, America's Finest®, The Villains®, Ultimate Soldier XD®, and Ultimate Soldier 32XG. Each series and every action figure set made from each historical era, past to present, is unparalleled in finely crafted detail. Other sets include intricately detailed uniforms, vehicles and weapons.
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 21st Century Toys  21st Century Toys
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From the News Archive
Kaiyodo July 2008 at Gagosian 21st Street Gallery 'Retrospective': Been There, Sold That - New York Sun
'Retrospective,' a group show at Gagosian's 21st Street gallery, is like a summer concert festival with some very promising, big-name acts. Its organizing principle, the ways a major artist looks back and reassesses his — unfortunately, in this case, only his — career, also strikes a promising note. Too bad, then, that so many of these guys showed up out of shape, like Vegas has-beens listlessly running through medleys of their greatest hits.
(Gagosian)' href=http://www.nysun.com/pics/5397.jpg rel=lightbox[slideshow]>Click Image to Enlarge Gagosian Tom Friedman, 'Inside Out' (1991-2006).

For the opening act, Gagosian wheels out the granddaddy of most of today's overripe rock-star artists, Marcel Duchamp, who, with his 'Boîte en Valise' (1935-41), apparently invented the box set. His consists of a leather valise containing photographs, some hand-colored, and miniature reproductions of Duchamp's best-known pieces. Yet one has to wonder about the intended audience: Can even those who revere Duchamp as the original aesthetic subversive appreciate a cheesy, shrunken 'Fountain,' a photo of 'Ready Made' (a wine-bottle drying rack) pasted on black construction paper like a scrapbook entry, and a repro of 'LHOOQ,' his never-shocking, never-funny mustachioed 'Mona Lisa'? It seemed to me less a greatest-hits collection than a sad, parodying self-portrait of an aging, artistically impotent man trying to make a buck off his past.
But one doesn't have to look back very far to find artists making unintentional mockeries of themselves. Takashi Murakami (b. 1963) looks back as far as, like, yesterday. His 'Superflat Museum' — here in both the 'LA Edition' (2005) and the 'Convenience Store Edition' (2003) — assembles 10 plastic figurines, miniatures of his sculptures or characters from his paintings. It's the sort of thing you might buy from QVC during a drunken late night. And if you act now, for the low, low price of — insert absurd amount here — you get a 2-inch-high 'Hiropon' (1997), handcrafted by the 'renowned' toy manufacturer Kaiyodo, and complete with enormous lactating breasts. If you call in the next four minutes, we'll throw in a certificate of authenticity, 'a mini-portfolio including information about the work that inspired' the figurine, 'as well as two pieces of chewing gum.' (All quotes taken verbatim from the press release.) Offer limited to two a customer.
Posted 7/26/2008
Aug 2007 - 21st Annual Toy Fest Held in East Aurora

East Aurora, NY, August 25, 2007 - If you're looking for a place to play this weekend, head over to Toy Town.The 21st annual Toy Fest is in full swing, happening today and tomorrow in the Village of East Aurora. In the past, it was held at Hamlin Park, but this year, all the fun takes place on Main Street, Riley Street and the Fisher-Price Toy Town Museum on Girard Avenue.

Posted 8/26/2007
Toy Century July 2007 AAFES issues second toy recall in last three months
SEOUL — For the second time in three months, AAFES recalled toys made by Hong Kong-based distributor Toy Century Ltd. after discovering unacceptable levels of lead-based paint.
Army and Air Force Exchange Service officials announced Thursday that four toy sets sold under their in-house Soldier Bear brand were pulled from shelves.
AAFES still carries some Toy Century products, but an Okinawa-based spokesman, Master Sgt. Donovan Potter, said Thursday that those toys either have passed testing or use no surface paint.
On May 14, AAFES officials recalled an action figure play set made by Toy Century because of lead-based paint problems. AAFES said in May it hired an independent laboratory to test some of its Toy Century products following a Toys “R” Us recall in March.
After the May recall, Stars and Stripes reported that AAFES still was selling 22 Toy Century products and that some of the toy sets contained pieces that appeared to be identical to those involved in recalls from Target in November 2006 and the March Toys “R” Us recall.
AAFES officials in Dallas, contacted in May via e-mail and phone, told Stripes there were no problems with their Toy Century products and that no additional lead testing was required because “it had not been confirmed that the toys … are identical to what was recalled” from Target and Toys “R” Us.
AAFES spokesman Judd Anstey said then that Toy Century had provided “independent laboratory reports” stating that all its toys complied with U.S. safety regulations before AAFES added the products to its stock in 2006. He said that he didn’t consider the lab results questionable, even after AAFES was forced to recall one of the toy sets because of lead-based paint.
Potter said officials changed their minds about additional testing because they wanted to make sure their Soldier Bear toys were safe. He said he would have to check with officials in Dallas to find out who made the decision to test the toys and when that testing began.
“The recall of four Toy Century-made products is a direct result of this command’s commitment to quality assurance,” Potter stated in an e-mail Thursday.
AAFES said 8,000 toy sets under both recalls were sold from their stores in the last two years. AAFES has received no reports of illnesses or injuries, according to Thursday’s announcement.
AAFES advised customers to immediately take the toys away from their children and return them to the nearest AAFES store for a full refund.
According to the National Safety Council Web site, lead poisoning in children can cause IQ deficits, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, stunted or slowed growth, impaired hearing, kidney damage, mental retardation, coma and death.
Posted 7/21/2007
Dublin July 2007 A century of magic - Dorothy Hanley's toys - BBC News

On a winter's day in 2005, a stranger stepped into an arts centre for children in Temple Bar, Dublin, and wove a little magic. He told a story about an Aladdin's Cave of toys in a secret location in Ireland. These toys would delight children from eight to 80, he promised. There were, he thought, about 10,000 toys in all, but in fact, there were nearly 20,000.
And there were well-loved plastic dolls with haircuts courtesy of budding Vidal Sassoons who gave up on their hairdressing ambitions at the age of 10 and got on with other futures. Nevertheless each doll was worth a fine fortune, if only in her young owner's eyes.
There were thousands of Barbies, some approaching their 50th birthdays, but all managing in miraculous fashion to keep their figures.
And there was an amazing collection of clockwork toys from the early 1900s, as well as a Star Wars collection and, oh yes, there might just be every single soft toy produced by a certain fast food company over the last 20 years.

The stranger enchanted the people at The Ark. He introduced them to the woman who collected the toys. Her name is Dorothy Hanley. A selection of her toys are going on display at The Ark - A Cultural Centre for Children in Dublin - this summer. Mrs Hanley is now in her 80s, but her passion for toys has never waned.
She shuns publicity but Roise Goan, the exhibition curator from The Ark, paints a picture of a kind, gentle woman with a great sense of humour, very sprightly and with a love for all toys - the used ones as much as the antique variety which have never felt the loving touch of a child's hands.
'We spent three solid days going through toys upon toys, it is a whole history of the 20th century in toys,' Roise said.
'Mrs Hanley never collected with an exhibition in mind. Some of the toys are real collectors' items. What we are showing is the tip of the iceberg. Whilst some are very valuable, some are worth pennies.'
In a section called Mrs Hanley's Favourites, children will be delighted by a Bebe Jumeau - a very valuable French doll dating from the 1870s, in a fine couture dress.
In the 50s and 60s section, there is a collector's model of Marilyn Monroe, alongside Basil Brush, Captain Scarlet, the Thunderbirds and the Clangers.
There are a whole series of mechanial toys just waiting to be wound up as well as trains, planes, automobiles and a crane.
It is a collection that was 70 years in the making.
'Perhaps Mrs Hanley's love of toys was sparked by a porcelain doll she had as a child which was very precious to her,' Roise said.
'Once, when she was out, her mother gave the doll to a small child who was visiting and when she returned, she found her doll in smithereens on the floor.
'Maybe it was that childhood memory of a beautiful doll that was lost which sparked this desire to save and love toys.'
Ark director Eina McHugh is delighted to be given such a treasure trove - the largest collection of toys in Ireland. The exhibition runs at The Ark, 11a Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin, from 5 July to 18 August. For more details, telephone 00 353 1 6707788. On 17 August, at a special Zeppfest, the sky above the Ark will be filled with fantastical flying machines and Zeppelins made by the children in an event supported by Dublin Airport Authority.
Posted 7/5/2007
Toy Century Industrial Ltd May 2007 Invincibles Transport Converters toy sets recalled (lead paint)
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a voluntary recall for off-road motorcycles manufactured by KTM and action figure sets from Toy Century Industrial Ltd.
About 20,000 KTM off-road motorcycles are being recalled due to the possibility a seal around the fuel tank can loosen, allowing fuel to leak and posing a potential fire hazard. KTM said that they have received 5,114 reports of fuel leaks and one report of a minor chemical burn. Motorcycles being recalled are orange and black and include models from 2005, 2006 and 2007.  Specific model numbers can be found on the KTM Web site.
The CSPC is also recalling 3,000 Invincibles Transport Converters toy sets. The manufacturer, Toy Century Industrial Ltd., says that the surface paint on the toys contains high levels of lead that can be toxic when ingested. No incidents or injuries have been reported.
The CSPC suggests that consumers discontinue use of the products immediately.
Posted 5/27/2007
Toy Century Industrial Ltd. of Hong Kong May 2007 Invincibles Transport Converters Toy Sets RECALLED
AAFES Recalls 'Soldier Bear' Toy Sets

Name of product: Invincibles Transport Converters Toy Sets
Units: About 3,000
Importer/Retailer: AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) of Dallas, Texas
Manufacturer: Toy Century Industrial Ltd. of Hong Kong
Hazard: Surface paints on the toy action figures contain high levels of lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.
Incidents/Injuries: None reported.
Description: This recall involves toy sets with multiple action figures and vehicles. The model number (88931), Universal Product Code (6 98567 88931 4) and Soldier Bear logo are printed on the product's packaging. The back of the action figures are marked with letters 'TC-ST.'
Sold at: AAFES stores worldwide from August 2006 through April 2007 for about $20.
Manufactured in: Hong Kong
Remedy: Consumers should immediately take the toys away from children and return the product to the nearest AAFES store for full refund.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, call AAFES at (800) 866-3605 anytime or visit the firm's Web site at www.aafes.com
Posted 5/27/2007
Early Century Toys Had Specific Purposes

Early Century Toys Had Specific PurposesParents buy toys for their children that will educate or entertain them. In the 18th century, there were special 'Sunday toys.' Children were not permitted to play on the Sabbath unless the toys taught lessons from the Bible. A wooden Noah's Ark filled with carved wooden animals was a favored toy. So was 'Jacob's Ladder,' a toy made of linked blocks that flip-flopped down. It was meant to remind children of the Bible story of Jacob's dream about angels climbing between heaven and earth on a ladder.

By the 19th century, dolls and dollhouses helped a girl imagine what her role would be when she was an adult. Boys played with toy trains, boats and lead soldiers while learning about their future. Twentieth-century toys often were made with batteries or wind-up motors so children could watch the toys in action.

But some toys seem odd today. Among the model cars of the era is a mortuary truck, complete with a miniature coffin that could be taken out the back doors. A less frightening car has removable surfboards on the roof rack. Some cars were even made to fall apart if in a 'wreck.' All toys are collectible.

Q. I have a 1940s fur coat that was my mother's. But I can't tell what kind of fur it is. It's black and white, almost like a Dalmatian. The fur is about the length and texture of horsehair. Do you have any ideas?

A. The coat might very well be skunk fur. Skunk coats were popular in the 1940s, although they were often marketed as 'Martin coats' because retailers were afraid skunk fur wouldn't sell. The Western spotted skunk has a pattern of white spots and stripes, which might match your coat.

Have a fur dealer look at your coat. It could be dyed beaver, too. Beaver was also popular in the '40s. Coats the vintage of yours in excellent condition can sell for good prices.

Q. I have a silver-color metal tray that has hammer marks and raised leaves and irises. It looks handmade. The back is stamped 'Rodney Kent Silver Co.' Who is Rodney Kent?

A. Rodney Kent Silver Co. of Brooklyn, New York, was famous not for silver, but for hammered aluminum ware.

The tulip pattern was one of its most popular. Tulip leaves, flowers and buds were included in the designs on flat surfaces or as feet and handles.

Q. What kind of drink is Moxie? How old is it? I have a Moxie thermometer that shows the bottle and a man pointing out of the picture.

A. Moxie was first made in 1876, when it was called Moxie Nerve Food. By the 1880s, it was carbonated and sold as a beverage. It had been heavily promoted in past years, but Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and other drinks became more popular and Moxie is well-known today only in New England. It has a very distinctive taste that can't be described.

Your thermometer has one of the popular ad features, the pointing man. Another, popular in the 1920s, is the strange Moxie Horsemobile, a dummy horse mounted on a real convertible. The steering wheel is in front of the saddle so the driver can steer the car while riding the horse. An actual Horsemobile traveled the country promoting the drink.

Posted 4/21/2007
Aoshima - April 2007 New century alloy TV edition Arcadian number black Ver 1/144
新世紀合金 TV版アルカディア号 ブラックVer.
Posted 3/22/2007
21st Century Toys 1999 Misfits - Jerry Only 1/6 scale

Jerry Only

Jerry Only
Name Jerry Only
Toy Line Misfits
Mfg. 21st Century Toys
Released 1999
Materials ABS, Cloth, PVC, Rubber
Scale 1/6
Category Doll
Orig. Price $24.99
Posted 3/4/2007
Mattel release 'Slut' and 'Ho' Barbie as doll gets 21st Century ... - The Spoof
Barbie has certainly been up against some tough competition recently with interactive video games on the rise and those usurpers of the dolly crown 'Bratz'.

Makers of 'Barbie', Mattel, have admitted that profits have declined over the past four years and claim that a new report has shown children find the Barbie range outdated and passe.

Heading up the report is Dr Heinz Shuttlecock, who concluded, 'Our research has shown that children have become much more discerning in their choice of doll and more mature in their outlook. They no longer simply want to play 'dress up' but have toys with an attitude and that reflect real life situations. To that end, we have decided to produce a new range of 'Barbie that will appeal to this new generation of grown-up kids.'

The new range will include 'Slut Barbie', which comes complete with a leather mini skirt, halter top and crotchless panties and for the American market, 'Ho Barbie' clad in sky blue tracksuit and trainers with her own fully adjustable crack pipe.

Mattel also say, that if the range is successful, they will be releasing 'Bondage Barbie' and 'Battered Barbie' which will be sold along with 'Enraged Ken'.

'I'm very excited about this new line of dolls' said Mattels' CEO, Oliver Pint, 'We are also developing a new range of action men, which I hope will be popular with young boys. With the Iraq war, children are being turned off the idea of playing with soldiers so we have decided to provide them with an alternative.'

The new action figures will include 'Bradford Bob' which will be sold with a 1979 Ford Escort containing a hammer and screwdriver in the boot.

'Bradford Bob, will be a talking action figure,' said Oliver, 'And will repeat the phrases, 'My wife doesn't understand me' and 'God told me to do it, you bitch!'
The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.
Posted 2/2/2007
WAVE April 2007 Treasure Figure Collection - New century GPX cyber formula Sugo PVC 1/10 scale
Posted 1/30/2007
Everything Old is New Again: Back to Basics Toys Offers a Century of Classic Toys for this Holiday Season (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
Take a trip down memory lane this holiday season and reminisce about some of your favorite toys and gifts from your childhood. This holiday season Back to Basics Toys®, a subsidiary of Scholastic, and a leading retailer of classic and quality toys for kids, celebrates a century of gift giving with the best classic toys that take parents and grandparents back to their childhood -- and bring the
Posted 10/18/2006
September 21st Newsletter Posted
Attention Newsletter members! Check out the latest edition of the Sideshow Newsletter RIGHT NOW in your Newsletter account - or, as always, you can wait for the newsletter to arrive in your e-mail inbox. [Newsletter Login>
Posted 9/21/2006
Sega - New Century Evangelion
Manufacturer Sega
Work name new century [evuangerion]
2 kind sets of detailed twill wave ray and vine castle [misato]
Prototype production: Shiga Hiro retainer /unsweet
Total height approximately 20cm
Posted 9/7/2006

comic Book Resources -
... Bernie Mac, Tyrese, John Turturro, Rachel Taylor, Megan Fox, Travis Van Winkle and John Robinson are in talks to join Shia LaBeouf in the Hasbro adaptation. ...
Published 4/22/2006
Toy marks half-century of providing window on insect’s secret ... - Rockford Register Star

Rockford Register Star
Toy marks half-century of providing window on insect’s secret ...
Rockford Register Star, IL -
... “Things come and go, but the Ant Farm is very much like Barbie or GI Joe or Hot Wheels that have managed to survive,” said Chris Byrne, a New York-based ...
Published 3/19/2006
The Next Wave: Feminism in the 21st Century, Part II - OpEdNews

The Next Wave: Feminism in the 21st Century, Part II
OpEdNews -
... the store had an array of items, including: Barbie dolls, other “baby” dolls (complete with ... We give our little girls toys that teach them to be pretty and ...
Published 3/14/2006
The Next Wave: Feminism in the 21st Century, Part II - OpEdNews

The Next Wave: Feminism in the 21st Century, Part II
OpEdNews -
... I scanned down the shelves loaded with Home Depot toy tool sets, trucks and cars and motorcycles, toy guns and swords, action figures, and sporting goods and ...
Posted 3/14/2006
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