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DSI Toys
Toylines (alphabetical order)
American Frontier (1980)
Desert Shield Combat Commandos (1990)
James Dean (1993)
Marilyn Monroe (1993)
Toylines (chronological order)
1980 American Frontier
1990 Desert Shield Combat Commandos
1993 James Dean
1993 Marilyn Monroe
Company history
About DSI Toys    
Founded in 1970, the Company operated basically as a trading companyEidentifying and purchasing products for resale. Its first products included radios and cassette players sold to regional retailers, and its first ventures into the toy business were in the area of electronic toys. In 1990, the Company began to market its product line to major toy retailers by emphasizing packaging and developing in-house brands. In 1993, the Company began to develop and market proprietary products, consisting of toys developed by the Company incorporating concepts licensed from outside inventors, products designed in-house and products incorporating trademarks licensed to the Company. Core products include Tech-Link communications products, Kawasaki electronic musical instruments, GearHead remote control vehicles, Lazer Doodle the electronic drawing toy, and a full range of special feature doll brands including Sassy Secrets, Somersault Sara, Too Cute Twins. Listed as DSIT on the Nasdaq
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