An extremely rare Karen Cooper Living Dead Doll has been donated to Heaven Sent Bulldogs for a charity auction. Karen Cooper is the name of the young girl who becomes a zombie in the groundbreaking Night Of The Living Dead film.
Mezco Toyz, makers of the Living Dead Dolls, had produced a limited number of prototypes of the figure before the idea was shelved. Only two of the figures, which were never released or sold, are in private collections.  The Living Dead Dolls are one of the world’s best selling limited edition collectible doll lines and will release their 16th series of dolls, featuring a mask theme,  in October 2008. Mezco has also announced a Captain Spaulding, of Devils Rejects and House Of 1000 Corpses, Living Dead Doll as part of the immensely popular Living Dead Dolls Presents series.