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American Character Doll Company
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Bonanza (1966)
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1966 Bonanza
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About American Character Doll Company    
American Character produced high quality dolls for more than half a century. This New York based company, run exclusively by the same family, made many highly collectible dolls which remain among the favorites of collectors' today. Sweet Sue, Betsy McCall, Tiny Tears, Whimsies, and many more! A Russian immigrant, Jacob Brock, began the company in 1919 in Brooklyn. The early composition dolls were marked "Petite". By 1928, the line had more than 100 different dolls. All very good quality composition with nicely made clothing. Great favorites as play toys. Mr. Brock first called his company the American Doll & Toy Corporation and then after a few years of non-production during World War II, changed the name to American Character Doll Corporation when they went back into production in 1948. Working now in plastics, the first dolls off the line were the Sweet Sue dolls. Available in 3 sizes by 1951; 15", 18", and 23", there were also 10 different outfits for them. McCalls pattern company created a pattern in 1953, number 1720, just for the Sweet Sue line of dolls. They finally went out of business in 1967.
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