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Tomland / Combex
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Creatures From Other Worlds (1978)
Famous Monsters of Legend (1977)
Space Fighter (1979)
Space People (1982)
Space Raiders (1978)
Star Command (1978)
Star Raiders (1978)
Toylines (chronological order)
1977 Famous Monsters of Legend
1978 Creatures From Other Worlds
1978 Space Raiders
1978 Star Command
1978 Star Raiders
1979 Space Fighter
1982 Space People
Company history
About Tomland / Combex    
Tomland (aka COMBEX) was released very cheap immitations of Mego's 8" line, and also smaller figures inspired by Star Wars. A company called Calfax distributed the 8" and the 3 3/4" Tomland figures in 1977 on the Star Command Starroid cards. As part of this Star Command toy line, Calfax also released robots that were AM Radios, fans, and remote control robots. A real loose collection of cheap "star wars like" properties."
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