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From the News Archive
Kotobukiya May 2008 Evangelion New Theatre version Nagisa Kaoru

Evangelion New Theatre version Nagisa Kaoru (PVC Figure)  Restock Item
Evangelion <b>New</b> Theatre version Nagisa Kaoru (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer : Kotobukiya
Scale : Non
Producer : Tatsumaki
Original : Evangelion
Release Date : Mid May., 2008
Regular Price : 4,800 yen  about 50.3 USD
Posted 7/26/2009
New Line Feb 2009 Ikki Tousen -Great Guardians - anu Unchou School Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure) 1/7

Kanu Unchou School Swimsuit Ver. (Irisawa Limited White Color Ver.) (PVC Figure)  Restock Item
Kanu Unchou School Swimsuit Ver. (Irisawa Limited White Color Ver.) (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer : New Line
Scale : 1/7
Material : PVC
Producer : Goemon
Original : Ikki Tousen -Great Guardians-
Release Date : Early Feb., 2009
Regular Price : 7,800 yen  about 81.74 USD
Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel July 2009 SDCC news

The Dark Knight Movie Masters are coming on Mattycollector.com once a month, starting with Jailhouse Joker, Prototype suit Batman in October, Harvey Dent in November, and brand new Jail Joker in December, Arkham Asyslum Scarecrow, Battle damaged Batman and Two Face.

Action League has a new line starting this month with a huge variety of mini 2-packs.

Great Adventure 2packs are also coming, including Batman and Grodd and playsets. There are mission Playsets, which include Plastic Man and a terrordactyl. Clock King and other brand new figures are coming. There are deluxe figures in this line and small mini-vehicles. There is a transforming Batmobile that transforms from car to aircraft with a push of a button.

There is another Plastic Man for this line that will come with a DVD for the line.

Super Friends has vehicles and figures planned for 2009, some exclusive to Toys R Us. One of the mini-vehicles will feature Green Lantern, for the first time. There is a Joker's Funhouse playset coming at the end of the year.

Justice League Unlimited continues through the year at Target and at Mattycollector. Fate of the line is in the hands of the fans. There are plans for international 3-packs and singles at non-Target stores. Most characters will have 5 points of articulation.
Aquaman, Deadshot, Black Batman, Superman Red and Blue with red Kryptonite. Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, new Captain Atom, Hawkgirl and Firestorm will finish out 2009.

3-packs: Apache, Black vulcan and Samurai; Plastic Man, Cyborg and brighter Mister Miracle; Silver Banshee, Superman and Metallo; Flash, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang. 6-packs, Supergirl, Mr. Terrifc, Obsidian, Superman, Elongated Man, Hourman.
Calypso, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman.
Batman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hro Talak, Param Dul and Lt. Kragger - Thanagar theme.

Die Cast 6-packs exclusive to TRU.

Matty will have a JLU origins 3 pack on August 3. Two more four packs will be on Matty and may continue to 2010 if sales are good.

Shazam, Black Adam, Mary Marvel and the WIzard on August 17th.

Doom Patrol 4 pack is coming! So is . . the Justice Guild

DCU Infinite Heroes is coming to Walmart and Matty this fall. Mary Marvel, Firestorm, Captain Atom. There will then be re-releases Aresenal, Reverse Flash and Bizzaro. harbiniger and 2 Shadow Demons. A new Green Lantern with Star Saphire
Animal Man pack with new articulation. Batigirl, Robin and renegade Nightwing. Parrelax, John Stewart.

The previousl announced Teen Titan pack is headed to Walmart. This will be followed by two Ulmacs, Superman, Wonderomwn, Maxwell Lord and Booster Gold.

Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel July 2009 SDDC MattyCollector news

2009 SDCC Day 2: MattyCollector news:
Are you a Mattel Matty Collector? Last year at Comic-Con Matty Mattel announced a new website to sell collector toys straight to fans around the world. This year find out the latest information on your favorite Masters of the Universe Classic, Ghostbusters, DC Universe, and other exciting MattyCollector.com exclusive product for 2009 and beyond! Panel includes an insightful Q&A with Mattel toy designers Bill Benecke and Terry Higuchi, as well as Mattel marketing brand Manager Scott Neitlich (AKA 'Toy Guru') and special guests The Four Horsemen. As an extra bonus, Matty, the original Mattel Toy Guru, may even make an appearance to reveal a major announcement about a new line available nowhere else!

We will be posting updates from the panel as they happen over the course of the next hour, so be sure to refresh your browser on a regular basis. Often with these panels the information comes fast so we apologize now for any typos or miss-spellings of names that might come about during this live coverage. We will try and go back later and edit any such mistakes but want to get you the information as quickly as possible.

Available on Mattycollector.com are DC Universe, Avitar, Master of the Universe, Ghosts Busters and maybe some new lines later this year.

Bank Robber Joker, Prototypesuit Batman, Harvey Dent, Jail House Joker, Arkham Asylum Scarecrow, Solarized Batman, and Two Face will all be coming up in the 6 inch Batman Movie Masters line.

JLU Unlimited will also be available on Mattycollector, but the length of the line depends on fan interest.

DCU Classics are and will continue to be available on Matty. International shipping is available.

The World's Greatest Superhero line is also coming up. This is a recreation of the classic Mego figures from the 70's.

Matty will be carrying 12 inch Movie Masters, a new figure each quarter. Zod is up first.

Master of the Universe!
Battle stands are coming the Spring. There will be a new figure every month. With a subscription you are guaranteed to get every regular figure. There are also bonus figures that will be available from time to time but those are not included in the sbuscription.

With your subscription to Club Eternia, a $20 price, you get a special bonus figure only available to club members, as well as a specially designed map of Eternia.

Webster will be available in September. Teela is next in October. She comes with a swappable head and several accessories.

There will be a bonus figure in October - Zodak - an all new redeco, not available with the subscription.

In Novemeber - Scareglow! He glows in the dark!

For December - King Randor. Plus a bonus figure - Green Goddess, for the first time in plastic! She has a shield and staff.

Posted 7/26/2009
Nemo Publishing July 2009 New Commander X Barbary Knight Mego-style Action Figure Released

release photonewsdirect/photos/2633BarbaryKnight.small.1432.jpg>
Nemo Publishing has released its fourth action figure variant in the Commander X collection. The Commander X Barbary Knight is a limited edition, Mego-style, eight-inch collectible action figure available for sale exclusively at www.captneli.com.

Commander X is an integral character in Jay Piscopo’s all-ages graphic novel series, 'The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli.' Commander X is an amnesiac who has been sent from the future to save the earth from inevitable destruction. He is a based on the Depression-era heroes of the comic book and movie serials of the 1930s. The collectible figure is created in a retro-style reminiscent of figures made by the Mego Corporation in the 1970s.

Piscopo worked with Paul Clarke, known as “Dr. Mego,” to create this collection. Other limited edition Commander X eight-inch Mego–style action figures currently available are Golden Age Commander X, 1950’s Commander X and the Western Knight. Each figure is $19.95 plus shipping.

When customers order a Commander X action figure they are automatically entered to win one of three super-limited-edition Sea Ghost action figure prototypes. The first winner will be drawn December 15, 2009 and the final two winners will be drawn July 15, 2010 and December 15, 2010. Like Commander X, Sea Ghost is a key character in the 'Capt’n Eli' graphic novel series. More details about the contest can be found at this link: http://www.captneli.com/sgcontest.php

More about 'The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli':
Created in the tradition of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,' 'The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli' is the story of a boy with extraordinary scientific abilities and unusual ties to the sea. Written and illustrated by Jay Piscopo of Portland, Maine, Volumes 1 and 2 are available now and Volume 3 is scheduled for release late this year.

Capt'n Eli's origins are quite unique. He’s the namesake of real-life World War II veteran Eli Forsley who was also the inspiration for a line of hand-crafted sodas from Portland, Maine.
Posted 7/26/2009
Comic Con 2009 Assorted news

Various bits...
Posted 7/26/2009
New Toys R Us Superstore opening in North Riverside - Examiner.com
src=http://nt2.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/YsqKdEynj9MrSM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>

New Toys R Us Superstore opening in North Riverside
Toys R Us celebrates the grand opening of its newest superstore in North Riverside, IL with a series of special events running from Friday, ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Comic Con Posts Partial List of SDCC 09 Exclusives - Newsarama

Posted 7/26/2009
Happy 30th Birthday, Happy Meal! - ABC News

Happy 30th Birthday, Happy Meal!
ABC News
Thirty years later, the McDonald's Happy Meal has become a fast-food staple that revolutionized the industry. The McDonald's meals have been entertaining ...
McDonald's(R) Unveils Happiest Cities for Families in America ...
McDonald's ranks Denver No. 6
Happy Birthday, Happy Meal (Not!)
 - -
Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel up on earnings news, but its Barbie toys need help - BloggingStocks
src=http://nt3.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/l0u4tpWSiakzRM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
BBC News

Mattel up on earnings news, but its Barbie toys need help
Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT) is all about fun and games, but it doesn't play around when it competes against Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) and JAKKS Pacific (NASDAQ: ...
Mattel 2Q Profit Up; Cost Cuts Offset Weak Sales
Mattel Q2 Profit Surges, Tops Consensus - Update

Posted 7/26/2009
Top MMA Fighters Visit JAKKS Pacific Booth at UFC Fan Expo - Action Figure Insider - Best Toy News on the Web!

Top MMA Fighters Visit JAKKS Pacific Booth at UFC Fan Expo
Action Figure Insider - Best Toy News on the Web!
Top MMA fighters, Randy Couture, Wanderlei Silva, Shogun Rua, Mike Brown and Miguel Torres visited the JAKKS Pacific booth at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The IMAX Experience crosses ... - PR Newswire (press release)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The IMAX Experience crosses ...
PR Newswire (press release) (press release)
Based on Hasbro's Transformers(TM) Action Figures. This film has been rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, language, some crude and ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Hasbro's 'Transformers' passes $300M - Providence Business News
src=http://nt2.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/qjvdmRun8wCfhM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
Providence Business News

Hasbro's 'Transformers' passes $300M
Providence Business News
PAWTUCKET – “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” the new Paramount Pictures movie based on Hasbro Inc.'s toy brand, passed $300 million in ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Hasbro July 2009 Toys for the new Transformers movie are 'very movie-accurate'

Walter Mueller knows his Transformers. The 32-year-old has been collecting the robot toys for more than 20 years. He even has one of the brand's main characters, Optimus Prime, tattooed in full color on his leg. The owner of a meat-processing plant, Mueller recently traveled from his native Ontario, Canada, to Southern California to attend BotCon, the 15th annual Transformers convention, in hopes of adding to his arsenal of more than 1,000 toys. The 'Transformers' movie and its sequel have spawned dozens of new characters, while also having the effect of making the shape-shifting robots infinitely more complex than the toys that were first introduced in 1984, the year Mueller became a fan. This self-perpetuating cycle -- toys inspiring a film that inspired more sophisticated toys -- has also made the miniaturized versions 'cool again for a younger generation,' Mueller said. As the film raised the bar on the merchandise, the merchandise has responded, Mueller said. 'They're very movie-accurate,' he said. And that's by design -- literally. Screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman went to Hasbro's 'Transformers school' to get to know the Autobots and Decepticons before crafting their story about alien robots who come to earth and befriend an American teenager. 'Even if I wasn't involved,' Orci told a crowd at BotCon, 'I'd want the toy to match the movie as much as possible.' The toy company's designers also worked hand-in-hand with director Michael Bay to ensure that the giant robot characters on screen would have matching downsized counterparts at toy stores worldwide. (Hasbro Inc. is a production partner on the picture, and its chief executive is credited as co-executive producer.) 'The movie is a challenge, but it's a good challenge,' said Hasbro senior design director Aaron Archer. 'As (Bay) has ideas and his team has ideas, we put our lore and our characters in there and mix them back and forth. Then the guys at Hasbro have to figure out how to take this awesome car image and this awesome robot image and make it move in such a way that you end up with those looks.' The big-screen 'bots are entirely computer generated. Their detailed transformations look spectacular but only exist in a digital world, making them far more complicated than their toy counterparts. A souped-up police car, for example, undergoes countless intricate, incremental changes to become the evil Decepticon Barricade. The plastic toys, however, must face the realities of 3-D physics -- and be user-friendly enough for a kid to enjoy. 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,' introduces more than 25 characters to the Transformers family, including Sideswipe, a swordsmith disguised as a silver Corvette, and Soundwave, an evil cannon-wielding robot camouflaged as a spaceship.
Posted 7/26/2009
Joanna Hunkin: Which comes first, the film or the toy? - New Zealand Herald
src=http://nt2.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/HilPK40TaB-0jM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
New Zealand Herald

Joanna Hunkin: Which comes first, the film or the toy?
New Zealand Herald
Particularly for Hasbro, the toy manufacturers behind it, and also the company behind GI Joe and the Star Wars toy collection. But at least the Transformers ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Babes, Bombs, and Blockbusters Movie News Report 07.14.09 - 411mania.com

Babes, Bombs, and Blockbusters Movie News Report 07.14.09
Mattel must be hoping that a Max Steel film will be as profitable for them as the new Transformers franchise has been for Hasbro. If we're making toy movies ...

Posted 7/26/2009
www.bigbadtoystore.com July 2009 new arrivals: GI Joe, Transformers, DC, Star Wars ...


GI JOE MOVIE 3.75' - 37 FIGURES AVAILABLE We have waves 1, 2, and 3 in stock for both Collection 1 and Collection 2 of the new GI Joe Movie figures. These waves both contain a variety of movie characters as well as a good number of old-school characters re-imagined to mesh nicely with the movie feel, yet also show their roots. (see EEL and Crimson Neo-Viper for example) Since there are so many different figures, and so many different case packs, we decided to put together a monster 'First 37 Figure Set' - this gives you one each of every figure released so far - priced at less than $9.99 per figure.

GI JOE MOVIE VEHICLES: ALPHA, BRAVO, ECHO, PIT We'll start with the relatively huge PIT playset, its not Terrordrome big, but it is one of the larger vehicle sets released in a long long time. In stock now at $114.99. The nifty SR-71 style Night Raven is available at $44.99. We have all the current Alpha and Bravo sized vehicles in stock singly or by the case

MORE GI JOE MOVIE ITEMS: Also in stock are 12' Figures, Combat Heroes 2-packs and single figure packs, Role Play, Action Battlers, children's vehicles

TAKARA - TF ALTERNITY - MEGATRON & BLACK CONVOY More cool figures from the Alternity line. The black version of the GT-R is in stock at $53.99, and Megatron shows up as a Nissan'Fairlady' Z. The Silver version of Megatron has sold out, but we do have blue available at $49.99

STAR WARS RESTOCK We've received more stock on a variety of sold out items including: Clone Turbo Tank, New Millenium Falcon, FX Lightsabers, Galactic Heroes, Titanium, Vehicle Figure Packs, Build-A-Droid, Mighty Muggs and more. T

HARRY POTTER HALF-BLOOD PRINCE 7' FIGURE SET NECA delivers the latest round of figures just in time for the release of the 6th movie - This set includes one each of Harry Potter, Mad Eye Moody, Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy.

GHOSTBUSTERS MINIMATES BOX SET This extremely popular set is now in stock at $13.99 - it includes key figures from the movie - the rest will follow in subsequent boxed sets. Lineup includes: Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Louis Tully as Gozer's dog and the possessed Dana Barrett!

STAR TREK MOVIE ENTERPRISE The balance of our order of the very cool Movie Enterprise has just arrived. Get your favorite ship here at $34.99

SUPERMAN/BATMAN SERIES 7 SET Another great looking set from DC Direct has just arrived - From the popular story arc 'Search for Kryptonite,' in which Superman and Batman attempt to rid the world of Kryptonite, this series also features Aquaman and Live Wire. The 4 figures are available now at $59.99

REVOLTECH GURREN & LAGANN The 66th figure in the Revoltech series is now available for $34.99

Posted 7/26/2009
Toys: The movie industry's new playthings

When Michael Bay, cinema’s reigning champion of vehicular carnage, thinks your idea for an explosive, special-effects-laden blockbuster is lame, you’ve got problems.
A few years ago, Bay, the director of “Armageddon,” “The Rock” and “Bad Boys,” was in his editing room when Steven Spielberg called to offer him a new project: an action movie about giant robots that metamorphose into cars, trucks and planes.
As Bay recalled in a recent interview, “I’m like, ‘OK, great, great, great.’ And I hung up the phone. And I’m like, ‘That sounds like a dumb idea.’”

What helped persuade Bay to take the first “Transformers” movie — which in 2007 took in more than $700 million worldwide at the box office, and whose sequel, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” opened Wednesday — was a visit to the Pawtucket, R.I., headquarters of Hasbro, which creates the Transformers toys.
There Bay, 44, was given a thorough education on the narrative embedded in the 25-year-old toy line: a back story about warring factions of valiant Autobots and nefarious Decepticons who bring their battle to Earth from their home planet, Cybertron.
Bay was sold.
“I don’t consider this a toy,” he said. “It’s not. To me it’s the furthest thing from it. It was about the mythology and that there was a story here.”
For Hasbro, this summer will see not one but two of its most lucrative properties spun into big-budget movies. The “Transformers” sequel will be followed on Aug. 7 by a live-action adaptation of its G.I. Joe toys, called “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”  The pair of films is the payoff of a strategy that the toy company has been cultivating for nearly a decade: infusing movie-friendly story lines into its popular playthings and teaching Hollywood that these stories can be translated onto cinema screens. It’s an approach that many other toymakers also are taking, unwilling to cede theater marquees to the creations of comic book publishers such as Marvel and DC.  As fans and collectors know, the Hasbro toys have histories that stretch back for decades.
The original G.I. Joe, a 12-inch-tall soldier known as “America’s moveable fighting man,” was introduced by Hasbro in 1964. After the Vietnam War, Joe’s connection to the U.S. military was played down, and in 1982 the soldier was recommissioned as a pocket-size special missions force of numerous agents. The Joe team was given a nemesis, Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization (back when such things seemed suitable for youthful reveries).
Two years later, Hasbro imported a series of action figures created by the Japanese toy company Takara, consisting of robots that disguise themselves as vehicles and other technology, calling them Transformers.
The G.I. Joe and Transformers toys, and their comic book and cartoon spinoffs, dominated the marketplace in the 1980s. But in the 1990s, their popularity faded as children turned their attention to newer phenomena such as Pokemon and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
“There’s certainly a fad element to what kids are into,” said Gareb Shamus, the publisher of the collectibles magazine ToyFare. Some properties, he said, “just need to take a breather.
Posted 7/26/2009
Dynamite's Star-Studded SDCC Plans - Newsarama

Dynamite's Star-Studded SDCC Plans
Schwartz has been awarded an Emmy for his role in producing “The Batman” series for Kids WB. He has also received numerous other awards, including the ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Will the new GI Joe movie be as horrible as some speculate? - Examiner.com

Will the new GI Joe movie be as horrible as some speculate?
Will the new GI Joe film live up to the hype and fan's expectations? I don't know, but I have serious doubts as to whether this is a Joe movie that I would ...

Posted 7/26/2009
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - San Jose Mercury News
src=http://nt3.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/e2igRIN7Y_Q7IM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
USA Weekend

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
San Jose Mercury News
Armed with the latest in military and spy technology, the team of elite soldiers known as GI Joe travel around the globe to wherever their services are ...
Lorrie Lynch talks with actor Dennis Quaid about his movies, his ...

Posted 7/26/2009
'Transformers' and 'GI Joe' movie tie-ins pay off in sales for Hasbro - New York Daily News
Posted 7/26/2009
Hasbro July 2009 New cable network being launched by Discovery Communications and toy giant Hasbro Inc.

Veteran kids programming executive Margaret Loesch has been tapped to run the new cable network being launched by Discovery Communications and toy giant Hasbro Inc.
LOESCHThe unnamed channel, which is set to launch late next year, has already drawn a fair amount of criticism from media watchdogs because of Hasbro's involvement. The well-regarded Loesch, who ran Fox Broadcasting's kids programming unit during its 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'and 'X-Men' heyday, says the channel won't be a shill for Hasbro products.
'They understand this can't be a channel devoted to toys. . . . That would not succeed,' Loesch said, adding that if Hasbro didn't embrace that, 'I would not have taken this job.'
The channel, which is taking the slot currently occupied by Discovery Kids, should launch in about 60 million homes. It will face intense competition from already-entrenched networks including Viacom's Nickelodeon, Disney's Disney Channel and its new Disney XD and Time Warner's Cartoon Network. 
Loesch, who also ran the Hallmark Channel for Crown Media and most recently has been producing movies, says that while the cable competition is intense, she is just as concerned about all the other media platforms she'll be facing off against besides traditional TV.
'When we built Fox Kids, they were primarily watching television; now we have to make sure we provide an experience on all these different platforms,' she said.
Posted 7/26/2009
New Guitar Hero 5 drums official! - Mirror.co.uk

New Guitar Hero 5 drums official!
There's no doubting the new Guitar Hero 5 drum kit makes the original look a bit, well, Fisher Price. The cymbals are now round rather than those shonky ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel, Inc. - SWOT Analysis - new market report just published - PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung)

Mattel, Inc. - SWOT Analysis - new market report just published
PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung) (Pressemitteilung)
Girl, and Fisher-Price. The company also holds a licensing agreement with Walt Disney, which allows it to capitalize on classic Disney characters, ...

Posted 7/26/2009
A Fisher Price Play Weekend at Toledo Zoo - Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News
src=http://nt3.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/t6MnUF-acim9wM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News

A Fisher Price Play Weekend at Toledo Zoo
Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News
Toledo, OH - Both The Toledo Zoo and Fisher-Price have decades of experience in creating great memories for children, so it's no surprise ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Harumika Unlocks Young Girls' Self Expression - Fresh News
src=http://nt2.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/DjB3q8Y65StaCM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
Fresh News

Harumika Unlocks Young Girls' Self Expression
Fresh News
Bandai America Inc. introduces a new fashion design activity, Harumika, which allows girls to create stylish outfits using swatches of signature, ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Kotobukiya's SDCC Plans, Exclusives and Give Aways! - Action Figure Insider - Best Toy News on the Web!

Kotobukiya's SDCC Plans, Exclusives and Give Aways!
Action Figure Insider - Best Toy News on the Web!
Our friends over at Kotobukiya have sent us information on their plans for Comic Con 2009. They have a lot of give aways planned for the show, there will be ...

Posted 7/26/2009
G-Force (New York Times)
Talking guinea pigs: Juarez, voiced by Penélope Cruz, left, and Darwin, voiced by Sam Rockwell.
Posted 7/26/2009
Barbie Slinky and Mr Potato Head: new Christmas best seller toys
Barbie dolls the Slinky and Mr Potato Head are set for a major revival this year according to the toy retailer Hamleys which predicted parents would be buying classic toys this Christmas.
Posted 7/26/2009
Hoy Toys July 2009 New Jackson 'Thriller' Figure To Have Zombie Head

New Jackson 'Thriller' Figure To Have Zombie Head

Japanese Company Hot Toys Producing Music Video Figure

Japanese toy company Hot Toys has released photos of a high quality 12-inch figure that depicts Jackson in 1983. In addition to the human and zombie Jackson heads, the figure comes with two sets of costumes, consisting of the original red leather jacket and zombie version of the jacket.
The figure also comes with an extra set of socks and shoes, as well as five sets of interchangeable hands and a posing hand. The Jackson figure will be released later this year, and the price is yet to be determined. The imported figure will likely run in the $100 to $150 price range. There is no word yet on which US company would import the figure.

Fans worldwide continue to mourn the King of Pop, who died June 25. An autopsy report of Jackson is expected in as little as two weeks.
Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel's New Web-Enabled "Avatar" Toys Will Offer Augmented Reality
If you think augmented reality is just a bunch of hype with no usable applications as of yet, think again. Major toy manufacturer Mattel has just announced a new line of products tied to the upcoming 3-D adventure movie 'Avatar' directed by James Cameron. While normally we wouldn't cover toys here at ReadWriteWeb, there is something special about this new lineup: these toys are integrated with ...
Posted 7/26/2009
Delaware Antique & Collectible Extravaganza - News-antique.com
src=http://nt0.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/TGBsCeX7fIK5kM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
News-antique.com (press release)

Delaware Antique & Collectible Extravaganza
News-antique.com (press release)
On Sunday, July 26, 2009, Spence's Bazaar is being transformed to host Delaware's Largest Free Outdoor Antique and Collectible Show. ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Star Report: Why celebs flock to Comic-Con - San Jose Mercury News

Star Report: Why celebs flock to Comic-Con
San Jose Mercury News
SAN DIEGO — Robert Downey Jr. said he wish he could don a Mexican wrestling mask and stroll the Comic-Con floor to check out all the collectible toys and ...

Posted 7/26/2009
AP Top News at 5:37 am EDT - KMPH Fox 26

AP Top News at 5:37 am EDT
KMPH Fox 26
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Robert Downey Jr. said he wishhe could don a Mexican wrestling mask and stroll the Comic-Con floor to check out all the collectible toys ...

Posted 7/26/2009
AP Top News at 12:05 am EDT - KMPH Fox 26

AP Top News at 12:05 am EDT
KMPH Fox 26
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Robert Downey Jr. said he wish he could don a Mexican wrestling mask and stroll the Comic-Con floor to check out all the collectible toys ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Hasbro July 2009 Mighty Muggs - Star Wars - New Vinyl!


The Empire Muggs Back (StarWars.com)
Your task: take an urban vinyl toy and transform it into art, all for a good cause. Lucasfilm presented the opportunity to artists, comic book creators, toy designers, and celebrity fans, and the result is a project called The Empire Muggs Back. The individual, one-of-a-kind pieces will be displayed at San Diego Comic-Con next week and also online at StarWars.com before being auctioned by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Any Mighty Muggs collectors out there? I'm out of touch with the toy scene, but the Wikipedia entry claims the Mighty Muggs 'resemble super deformed versions of characters' from blockbuster movie franchises: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, the Transformers, and Marvel Comics. Prices range from $9.99 up to $174.99. Blank Mighty Muggs are also available, which can be customized to the buyer's content. You'd need to really stretch your imagination to think the Star Wars toys actually resembled Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO, or Chewbacca -- and maybe that's the point. They are definitely funny-looking little things.
Hasbro donated the blanks (the white one looks kinda scary to me) and you can see 26 samples in the image above, which amply demonstrate the creativity that the project inspired. I especially like the TIE Fighter figure in the second row. If you won't be in San Diego next week, check StarWars.com for more upcoming pictures. As one of the artists said: 'We all had the same blank bowl of ice cream to start with, now i want to see all the nerdy, nerdy toppings everyone came up with!'
Posted 7/26/2009
BIC Plastics July 2009 New BIC Buddy Artist Series 1 Vinyls

BIC Plastics  is launching their first artist series with their BIC BUDDY ARTIST SERIES 1. I’m one of two females in the series with a crazy mad line up which includes:
6.Brandt Peters
8.David Flores
10.Andrew Bell
11.Jesse Hernandez
13. Ritzy Periwinkle
Posted 7/26/2009
Idaho hot springs ease five years of disappointment - CNET News
src=http://nt0.ggpht.com/<bnews/tbn/jMzEft5KLoG4-M/6.jpg width=80 height=80>

Idaho hot springs ease five years of disappointment
In December 2007, I finally went to Idaho, to a suburb near Boise, to do a story on the research and development labs of Ugobe, the maker of the toy robot ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Robby the Robot goes underwater - News Banner

Robby the Robot goes underwater
News Banner
“I thought they were going to build a toy robot, not an actual one,” said Dan Covey of Sea Innovations in Mandeville. “These are real, working robots with ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Toy & Action Figure Museum July 2009 Adds new GI Joe exhibit - Pauls Valley
An American icon will soon get his time in Pauls Valley thanks to Saturday, Aug. 1 being declared “G.I. Joe Day” at the local Toy & Action Figure Museum. On that day the museum will be celebrating the release of the new G.I. Joe movie, “G.I. Joe, the Rise of Cobra,” by unveiling its latest exhibit – G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero.

Toy and Action Figure Museum manager Josh Kraft said an entire room in this popular Oklahoma attraction will be re-designed to showcase hundreds of three and three-quarters inch G.I. Joe action figures.  “This huge collection includes virtually everything from the 1982 to 1986 Hasbro toy series, including transport vehicles and military props,” Kraft noted.

“The museum already has one G.I. Joe exhibit which features 12-inch figures depicting scenes from the European and Pacific military theatres of World War II,” he said. “The new exhibit will differ in the respect it will be designed more along the line of the comic book with a model of Cobra headquarters on one side and the ocean on the other with a G.I. Joe aircraft carrier.”

The Toy & Action Figure Museum is located at 111 South Chickasaw in downtown Pauls Valley and may be accessed from I-35 by taking Exit 72 onto Highway 19 East. General admission to the museum is $6, and seniors over 55 and military personnel with ID are only $4.

Posted 7/26/2009
SDCC 2009 - New Star Wars Crossovers
New Star Wars Crossovers are on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2009. The figures include Battle Droid Commander (Armored Assault Tank), Clone Pilot (V-Wing Starfighter), Anakin Skywalker (The Twilight), Wit Fisto (Jedi Starfighter), Plo Koon (Jedi Starfighter), and the Y-Wing Pilot (Y-Wing). Take a look at our sister-site of all things Star Wars, Jedi Insider.
Posted 7/26/2009
Stan Bush at SDCC 2009 - New Album!
Here#039;s a clip from Stan Bush who was signing autographs at the ENI booth at SDCC 2009 telling about what he#039;s been up to these days. Check out the video where he announces he#039;s working a new album! Drop by our SDCC booth 2517 to meet Stan on Saturday 1pm - 3pm.
Posted 7/26/2009
MegaHouse April 2007 New Color Line Up Shop

<b>New</b> Color Line Up Shop (Shokugan)
Item name : New Color Line Up Shop (Shokugan) 
Manufacturer : MegaHouse
Scale : Non
Release Date : Mid Apr., 2007
Regular Price : 1,200 yen  about 12.41 USD  8.93 Euros
Posted 6/20/2009
Lots of New Gentle Giant!
We have just added a slue of new Gentle Giant items for pre-order. There are new busts, statues, maquttes and more!
Published 6/20/2009
June 2009 New Independent Toy Store Opens in Uptown Gig Harbor

New Independent Toy Store Opens in Uptown Gig Harbor

Teaching Toys, Too co-owner Valla Wagner takes a recent spin through her <b>new</b> Uptown Gig Harbor toy store.
Teaching Toys, Too co-owner Valla Wagner takes a recent spin through her new Uptown Gig Harbor toy store.

GIG HARBOR — A new toy store just opened in Uptown Gig Harbor.
And since April 30, Teaching Toys, Too has been packing in savvy shoppers ever since.
One step inside the large, well-lit store, and you’ll know you’re in a special place.
Friendly-looking stuffed animals eye customers from the second they enter the corner shop. Books and games, and racks of colorful, neatly-stacked toys seem to beckon attention.
Co-owner Valla Wagner said there’s nothing quite like her customer-friendly toy biz anywhere around — except that is — the Tacoma store, where she and Melissa Tennille have been doing business for years.
Due in part by the popular demand from their commuting Gig Harbor customers, the two women opened their Gig Harbor store to help a growing community by offering an inventory of diverse, interactive toys.
Wagner said the combination of being an independent venture, and having a heart for children, are the keys to her Main Street store’s sudden popularity.
She said that unlike the bigger stores, like Toys R Us and Target, her place is more of a ma-and-pa kind of neighborhood store.
Teaching Toys, Too offers the classic toys like yo-yos, Frisbees, jump ropes, building blocks and others that have stood the test of time. But what makes this store different are the toys that help children think about their world, and help them grow into well-rounded adults, Wagner said.
She feels that kids are hardwired to learn stuff, and she believes that the simple choice of choosing particular toys with learning value is very important.
“When people walk in with any age child, or a child with any particular interest or any ability, we’ll be able to say that we have the right toy for them.
“We don’t want to just sell them something. We’d rather have them leave with nothing than sell them something that doesn’t match a child,” Wagner said flatly.
Everything in the store is hand-selected by the owners, and products range in price from $1 to around $100.
The store sells plenty of board games, even the models that change and evolve as kids grow. There’s also stuff for kids that come in with just a pocket full of change, and they boast an array of fun family-based games.
Another standout for Teaching Toys, Too is that it is fast-becoming a local resource for teachers and therapists that may need something specific to aid as a learning tool.
“There’s a lot of good schools, teachers, parents, and grandparents, that really care about the kids in their lives out here.
“We believe that we’ve put together a group of choices that will serve this community. It’s our hope that they’ll come out and meet us, and take a look at everything that’s different than anything they’ve seen before,” Wager added.
For information, call (253) 514-6113.
Posted 6/20/2009
Mattel vs MGA June 2009 Why Should Mattel Get Future Plans For New Bratz Dolls?

Last year, we wrote about a somewhat horrific court ruling against MGA Entertainment, the makers of Bratz dolls, after getting sued by Mattel. If you don't follow the doll business, Bratz is really the first doll to successfully compete against the massively successful Barbie franchise in ages. However, the guy who came up with Bratz had worked at Mattel prior to going off on his own. Of course, this is the history of many different innovative companies. If you come up with a better idea while working at one company, it's a good thing that you can go off and build your own company. As we pointed out at the time, this is the story of plenty of successful tech companies. Steve Wozniak was at HP when he built the first Apple computer (and continued to work there for some time after Apple was moving forward). Robert Noyce helped found Fairchild (and later Intel) after growing frustrated at Shockley Transistor. Hell, William Shockley founded Shockley Transistor after feeling he didn't get enough respect at Bell Labs. Yet, here's a toy designer at Mattel who's entire operation is getting shut down because he came up with the idea while still employed at Mattel?

Even if you grant the somewhat troubling premise that the concept for the dolls was created at Mattel, at best you could make an argument that Mattel had some rights to an injunction and profits from the first generation of those dolls. Yet, the judge not only ruled that, but also that MGA had to give up all such dolls, and hand over all sorts of confidential info, including 'all related products, designs, customer information and 'know-how' for a planned 2010 Bratz line.' It's difficult to see any justification at all for forcing them to hand over future plans that had nothing to do with what the guy created while still at Mattel. MGA has now filed an emergency appeal, noting that if it does hand over such info and assets, it would have 'devastating and irreversible consequences,' which seems quite accurate. All in all, this seems like Mattel simply trying to stop competition, and it's a shame that the US court system seems to be helping.
Posted 6/20/2009
Medicom June 2009 Commes des Garçons is teaming up with Medicom Toy and Be@rbrick on a new set of jewelry

Commes des Garçons is teaming up with Medicom Toy and Be@rbrick on a new set of jewelry, which looks dope (on the screen or a shelf). But lets get real. If some banging hot chick was wearing this and came up to you and freaked out on your new Air Max’s, you’d think it was awesome. Then you go out to dinner and you’re like, “Holy crap, this chick likes everything that I do!”. And then you go back to your place and things keep getting awesome, until you try hooking up with her, but she won’t stop talking about who her favorite skateboarder is, who Pharrell is in the studio with, whether or not you think Chris Brown actually beat up Rihanna, if you think Lohan stole those jewels, what’s your favorite New Era? And then you realize that you have to stop worrying about some of this crap.
Posted 6/20/2009
Local McDonald's Celebrate 30 Years of Happiness - PR Newswire (press release)

Local McDonald's(R) Celebrate 30 Years of Happiness
PR Newswire (press release), NY
Each Happy Meal toy features a special code directing kids to visit McWorld(R), McDonald's virtual world at www.happymeal.com. McWorld is a dynamic and engaging online environment where kids can create their own avatar, play games and visit cool ...
Custer Rides Again!
Published 6/20/2009
Medicom June 2009 KISS New Real Action Heroes

Pictured below are new Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons action figures from Medicom. The top image is a just-approved ad for the Japanese market, and the bottom images are photos of the action figure prototypes. Also pictured separately are prototype KISS knives, due out later this fall.

From KISS dolls to KISS guitars, KISS ice-creams to KISS make-up, KISS is widely considered to be the world's most merchandised band. In addition to producing the Kiss Kasket so that KISS fans can be buried in the image of their favorite rock act, they have released Kiss Kondoms which enable them to take your money whether you are coming or going.

newkissfigures.jpg width=446 height=1109>

Posted 6/20/2009
McFarlane June 2009 New 'Halo' Mongoose -- Ultra-Light, All-Terrain Vehicle Coming This Fall Posted 6/20/2009
McFarlane June 2009 New Photography of NFL Series 21 Action Figures Posted 6/20/2009
Bandai May 2009 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth - Pegasus Seiya New Bronze Cloth Broken Version Posted 6/20/2009
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Talking Presidents Fall 2007 New Elvis Action Figure ‘Talking’ Line Released for Sale Posted 8/5/2007
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Aoshima - April 2007 New century alloy TV edition Arcadian number black Ver 1/144 Posted 3/22/2007
March 16-18 2007 New Japanese Figures Annoucements and Releases Posted 3/22/2007
March 2007 New at FreeBento.com: HazMaPo Series 2... Posted 3/17/2007
Sideshow March 2007 Star Wars Princess Leia: A New Hope 12" figure Posted 3/17/2007
Mattel 2007 Tracey Barnett: What we need is a bit of Barbie in a blender - New Zealand Herald Posted 3/17/2007
March 2007 Police seize golly dolls - Manchester Evening News Posted 3/17/2007
OhNoDoom! March 2007 New Fluffys...??? Posted 3/9/2007
Gentle Giant Mach 2007 New Arrivals Posted 3/9/2007
Man robs comic shop of cash, Wonder Woman figure - Greensboro News Record March 2007 Posted 3/9/2007
Little Tikes New 2007 Products - PR Newswire Posted 3/9/2007
Hasbro Mar 2007 Child Advocates Call New Hasbro-Visa Deal “Sleazy” Posted 3/9/2007
Feb 2007 NY Toyfair - Newest toys will fill your wish list Posted 3/9/2007
March 2007 New Report Gives State-By-State Analysis of the US Dolls and ... - Business Wire Posted 3/9/2007
New Flatwoods Monsters Posted 3/4/2007
Organic Hobby at New York Comic Con 2007 Posted 3/4/2007
Fisher-Price Mar 2007 Pays $975000 fine - ABC News Posted 3/4/2007
Magnetic toys to carry new warning labels Posted 3/4/2007 by  KOMO-TV Seattle 
What's New at Kung Fu? Feb 2007 Posted 2/27/2007
Max Factory New Shana Figure Posted 2/27/2007
Feb 2007 shelf of newest stuff Posted 2/27/2007
New Hellboy TV Toon Coming Posted 2/27/2007
Trek XI News Is Near - Feb 2007 Posted 2/27/2007
New York Comic Con Feb 2007 Action Figures Posted 2/27/2007
New Poll: Are You a Male, Female or Geek? Published 2/25/2007
WonderFest 2007 Winter - Extensive Photo Report of new sexy Figures Posted 2/25/2007
Toy biz now a house of no fun - New York Daily News Published 2/24/2007
Toys “R” Us’ Storch: E-commerce growth limited by distribution hurdles - DM News Published 2/24/2007
'Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures' - 8 New Screens ... - WorthPlaying.com Published 2/24/2007
As landfills vanish, so do most gulls - Danbury News Times Published 2/24/2007
Gangsta life catches up with up-and-coming rapper - Anchorage Daily News Published 2/24/2007
Toy cars' battery packs could pose fire hazard - Portsmouth Herald News Published 2/24/2007
NEW! Toyfair 2007 Galleries Are Now Online!! - seibertron.com Published 2/24/2007
Hasbro, Gibson develop interactive kids - Providence Business News Published 2/24/2007
Toy Recall: Fisher Price 'Laugh And Learn' Bunny - WCBS-TV New York Published 2/24/2007
Fisher-Price Recalls 'Laugh and Learn' Bunny Toys Due to Choking ... - PR Newswire Published 2/24/2007
Namco Bandai Games' Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Coming to Europe - Game News Published 2/24/2007
Well, hello Doll-y - Newark Star Ledger Published 2/24/2007
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