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Worlds of Wonder (WOW)
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Germs (1988)
Teddy Ruxpin (1985)
Toylines (chronological order)
1985 Teddy Ruxpin
1988 Germs
Company history
About Worlds of Wonder Inc    
February 1985: Mr. Donald Kingsborough becomes the founder of Worlds of Wonder as the commercial umbrella to manufacture and distribute Teddy Ruxpin dolls. After "borrowing" people he knew from Atari, he traveled coast to coast to raise $15 million to cover initial production costs. Within one year, Teddy Ruxpin became a mass market reality and earned $8 million profit on $93 million gross sales. Worlds of Wonder went out of business in 1991 Worlds of Wonder is a hi-tech toy company that was famous for Teddy Ruxpin and LaserTag.
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