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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Metal Mulisha (2001)
SKUMM (2001)
Street Luge (2000)
Tech Deck (2001)
Tech Deck Dudes (2001)
Toylines (chronological order)
2000 Street Luge
2001 Metal Mulisha
2001 SKUMM
2001 Tech Deck
2001 Tech Deck Dudes
Company history
About X-Concepts    
In early 1998, a rainy Southern California day forced young Steven Asher to stay inside instead of going out to practice his skateboarding tricks. So what did Steven do? He brought his "skateboarding" inside. With scissors, cardboard and his 12-year old imagination, Steven created his first miniature skateboard replicas. He used the 3-inch boards to simulate real skateboard tricks with his fingers. And, just like real skateboards, he drew graphics on the bottoms of his creations. His dad, Peter, a toy industry veteran, saw his son's ingenious work and recognized that there might be a market for these colorful mini-boards. And so, Tech DeckG was born. But what would set Tech DecksG apart from other mini collectible replicas? Steven had the answer! They had to be like the "real thing." This meant real metal trucks, real grip tape and real graphics. Tech DeckG has come a long way since that rainy day in 1998. From Thanksgiving of that year, when first introduced in limited distribution, until now, more than 35 million Tech DeckG mini-replica skateboards have been sold. And interest in collecting Tech DeckG mini-replica skateboards continues to increase.
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