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Chap Mei
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Beast Raiders (2001)
Big Builder Construction Co. (2001)
Dino Quest (2001)
Fire Quad (2000)
Freedom Force (2002)
Lizoid (1998)
Medieval Knights (1998)
Ninja (2001)
Police Force (2000)
Rescue Squad (2002)
Snake Force (1997)
Soldier Force (1997)
Space Quest Mission Squad (2001)
Star Warrior (1996)
Stellar Force (2002)
Wild Quest (2001)
Wizard's Magic (2000)
Toylines (chronological order)
1996 Star Warrior
1997 Snake Force
1997 Soldier Force
1998 Lizoid
1998 Medieval Knights
2000 Fire Quad
2000 Police Force
2000 Wizard's Magic
2001 Beast Raiders
2001 Big Builder Construction Co.
2001 Dino Quest
2001 Ninja
2001 Space Quest Mission Squad
2001 Wild Quest
2002 Freedom Force
2002 Rescue Squad
2002 Stellar Force
Company history
About Chap Mei Plastic Toys Mfy Ltd    
With 30 years of manufacturing toys already to its credit, Chap Mei specializes in 10cm action figures and vehicle sets. Though Less articulate than traditional Joes by far, Chap Mei have combined interestingly detailed molds and authentic field equipment. The Chap Mei Soldier Force, Police Force and Rescue/Firefighter Force are overtaking the Lanard CORPS line as the favored Joe knock-offs. Usually found in discount stores (Dollar Tree, Big Lots) both in the UK and USA for as little as $1 each.
official website
 Chap Mei  Chap Mei
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