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Plastic Fantasy
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Adult Superstars (2002)
Jenna Jameson (2002)
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2002 Adult Superstars
2002 Jenna Jameson
Company history
About Plastic Fantasy, Inc    
Plastic Fantasy, Inc., is based in Van Nuys, CA. The company designs, creates, produces, and markets novelty products and action figures based on well-known celebrities. Plastic Fantasy is SOTA Toys' sister Company.

The Vivid Girls action figures are the first series of dolls by the company.

Plastic Fantasy founder Jerry Macaluso has considerable experience in this business, having previously created and designed toys, action figures, and related products for other companies. These include products based on "Star Trek," "Aliens," "Predator," "Spiderman," "Power Rangers," "Resident Evil," Playboy, Bruce Lee, and hundreds more.
Is that a porn star in your pocket?    
Thanks to Plastic Fantasy (www.plasticfantasy.com), Joe is no longer stuck with the old fruit-flavored sluts of the toy world. They have created a line of anatomically correct action figures, based on some of the world's most renowned adult-film stars, for Joe's pleasure and our amusement.

Using what they call the "xXx" scanning method, Plastic Fantasy has taken female adult stars (only female, so far) and created anatomically correct, 7-inch-tall replicas. From Jenna Jameson and Sydnee Steele to Asia Carrera and Inari Vachs, almost every porn star you can think of has already gone through (or is planning on going through) this high-tech method, which creates an exact duplicate down to her smile, belly button and every other nook and cranny.

Plastic Fantasy is an offshoot of SOTA Toys, the company that created highly detailed figures and statues for the films and TV shows "Aliens," "Predator," "The Year Without a Santa Claus" and "Battle of the Planets," just to name a few. "As action-figure fans ourselves, we had noticed the trend toward traditional movie stars getting made into action figures," says Jess Bansal, the company's vice president of sales and marketing. "The company was driven by the need to come out with something unique that hadn't been done before, to fill a void in the huge action-figure collector's market."

The toys aren't just for closet porn junkies or losers with no chance of getting anywhere near a real naked body; they're going mainstream, as indicated by the fact that Plastic Fantasy is on its fourth series of figures.

"Sales have been fantastic, with each series of the girls selling out at the retail level," says Bansal.

So who's buying this stuff? People who like toys, apparently. According to Bansal, "Believe it or not, most of our sales come from the traditional action-figure buyers. We even make exclusive versions for Tower Records and EntertainmentEarth.com. The demographics are across the board, and it is pretty evenly divided among males and females."

There's a 7-inch porn star for every taste. You have the classic blonde, Jenna Jameson, either wearing a removable cheerleading outfit or arching her back against a pole. Then there's the seductive brunette, Sydnee Steele, standing in an alluring pose with a snowboard. For those seeking something with a slightly more exotic flavor, there's the newly released Asia Carrera figure, complete with a kinky general's outfit and a riding crop.

What's missing is representation of the more diminutive porn actress -- by that I mean the midgets. Of course, they would probably end up looking awkward in the same way that the Ewok toys did when placed next to my old Star Wars action figures. (I always had a sneaking suspicion that there was something going on between Wicket and Leia; the height difference was just perfect for ... never mind.)

What's it like to have your sexual exploits immortalized in toy form? Let's ask Sydnee Steele, winner of the prestigious 2000 Adult Video News award for best group-sex scene in a video: "It's a fun little piece of my career," says Steele, adding that she was impressed with how exact the process was.

"We went out to Burbank to the studio and they had me get on a pedestal. I had to stand very still in a couple different positions. It was hard, because I had to pose like I was holding the snowboard, but the board wasn't there. Then we went into a different room, where I picked a few expressions and they scanned my head into the system."

The figures will soon gain several new innovations, including voice chips (so they can look dirty and talk dirty, too!) and super-poseability, so that you'll be able to re-create your actress' best performances, scene by scene.
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