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2000 Mage Knight
2003 Shadowrun
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About WizKids LLC    
WizKids, LLC, was founded in July 2000 by twenty-year industry veteran and award-winning game designer Jordan Weisman, and his wife Dawne. Their goal was to develop a game that reduced the large barrier of entry into traditional miniature gaming. They wanted to create games that are both affordable and playable right out of the box. With this objective in mind, Jordan designed the patent-pending Gcombat dialg base. The WizKids combat dial has revolutionized miniature gaming by incorporating game statistics and record keeping into a simple mechanism on the base of every figure. The combat dial eliminates the need for cumbersome charts and sourcebooks. WizKids first release, Mage Knight Rebellion, launched worldwide on November 1st, 2000. Gone forever were miniatures that had to be assembled and painted, tables to reference and numbers to track. Players could now focus more on the fun of miniature gaming with a simpler and faster playing system. Mage Knight Rebellion took the industry by storm with more than 40 million figures sold in the first 14 months.
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From the News Archive
Mezco and WizKids Aug 2009 Named Licensing Partners for Heroes

Heroes Licensing Partners Announced
Superherohype.com -
Universal Studios Consumer Products Group today announced the first partners tapped to create product based on Heroes, the #1 new series on television for the 2006-2007 season. The group named industry leaders DC Comics, Random House, Mezco Toyz, Topps and others to lead the charge across a full range of product categories. Starting with an extensive publishing program, trading cards, apparel, stationery/social expression, action figures and an interactive game, initial Heroes product will begin to appear on store shelves in time for the new season launch on NBC Sept. 24, 2007, and shortly after the launch of Season 1 on DVD and HD DVD on Aug. 28, 2007.

'Heroes is an unbelievable breakout hit and one of the most popular series in NBC's history,' said Cindy Chang, Vice President of Global Business Development, Universal Studios Consumer Products Group. 'There is a dedicated fanbase out there who has proven through various online applications to have a strong hunger for Heroes beyond the TV screen, and this new merchandising program will provide them with a fulfilling Heroes experience.'

'We are very pleased to announce this very select group of heroic partners. With every Heroes branded product, we hope to immerse our fans in the world of their favorite show,' said Tim Kring, creator-executive producer, Heroes.

The Heroes merchandising line will capitalize on the rich storylines seen in the popular series, and in some instances, extend the story beyond what is seen on television.

WizKids Inc., a subsidiary of Topps and creator of the award-winning 'Clix' Collectible Miniatures Game system, will be adding Heroes into their HeroClix line, which already includes characters from the DC, Marvel and Dark Horse universes. MeadWestvaco will introduce a 2008 calendar, and Scorpio Posters will add traditional wall posters to the merchandising mix. In addition, Changes will develop an officially licensed Heroes apparel line. 

Premier collectibles maker, Mezco Toyz will be responsible for developing toys and specialty product including collectible action figures, dioramas and deluxe figures in a variety of scale sizes ranging from 3' to 18', all inspired by the characters and

Posted 8/5/2007
WizKids Feb 2007 Announces Halo ActionClix Collectable Miniatures Game - PR Newswire

WizKids Announces Halo ActionClix Collectable Miniatures Game
PR Newswire (press release), NY -
SEATTLE, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- WizKids Inc., creator of runaway hit games like HeroClix(R) and Pirates of the Spanish Main(TM), announced today its agreement with Bungie Studios and Microsoft to develop a new collectable miniatures game (CMG) called Halo(R) ActionClix(TM).
The Halo ActionClix CMG brings the incredible content of the Halo universe to the tabletop via the award-winning Clix miniatures game engine. Players familiar with HeroClix and HorrorClix(TM) will be able to jump right into the action and enjoy brand-new game mechanics, including weapon swaps, figure respawning and vehicle-based combat.
'Expanding the Halo universe into the Clix CMG world is a perfect fit for the franchise,' said Brian Jarrard, director of Franchise and Community Affairs at Bungie Studios. 'WizKids' commitment to quality and authentic detail ensures that these new Halo ActionClix figures will appeal to collectors and CMG players alike.'
The first Halo ActionClix set will feature more than 80 unique miniature figures from the Halo universe, including preview content from Halo 3. A number of vehicle packs are also being produced, including a big surprise planned for San Diego Comic-Con this July. Figures will be sold in randomized Booster Packs. The vehicles and a Starter Game will be sold in a diorama display format.
'We are proud to be associated with a great brand like Halo,' said Lax Chandra, WizKids(R) president. 'We are always looking for ways to push the envelope with our games and content. The phenomenal Halo video game play and universe provided us with an excellent spring board for innovation in tabletop miniatures gaming. We are very excited about this release.'
The Halo ActionClix CMG is expected to be released at retail in September 2007, with special Prerelease figures available at San Diego Comic-Con July 26 - 29, and at Gen Con Indy August 16 - 19.
Posted 2/4/2007
WizKids brings in Mike Elliott as Senior Designer
In a press release today , WizKids announced that Mike Elliott, formerly of Wizards of the Coast, has been brought aboard as the new Senior Designer of R&D. Elliott, who has worked on games like Magic: The ...
Published 8/13/2006 by  OgreCave 
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