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Mage Knight (2000)
Shadowrun (2003)
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2000 Mage Knight
2003 Shadowrun
Company history
About WizKids LLC    
WizKids, LLC, was founded in July 2000 by twenty-year industry veteran and award-winning game designer Jordan Weisman, and his wife Dawne. Their goal was to develop a game that reduced the large barrier of entry into traditional miniature gaming. They wanted to create games that are both affordable and playable right out of the box. With this objective in mind, Jordan designed the patent-pending Gcombat dialg base. The WizKids combat dial has revolutionized miniature gaming by incorporating game statistics and record keeping into a simple mechanism on the base of every figure. The combat dial eliminates the need for cumbersome charts and sourcebooks. WizKids first release, Mage Knight Rebellion, launched worldwide on November 1st, 2000. Gone forever were miniatures that had to be assembled and painted, tables to reference and numbers to track. Players could now focus more on the fun of miniature gaming with a simpler and faster playing system. Mage Knight Rebellion took the industry by storm with more than 40 million figures sold in the first 14 months.
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