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Etoys Corp
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Big Fella (1992)
California Cool Riders (1992)
Classic Character Series (1992)
Combo (1992)
Heavens Devils (1992)
Jungle Man (1992)
Meteor Girl (1992)
Pocahontas (1992)
Robot Warrior (1992)
Sonic Ranger (1992)
Sweet Amanda (1995)
The Boxer (1992)
Troll (1992)
Wrestling Champs (1992)
Toylines (chronological order)
1992 Big Fella
1992 California Cool Riders
1992 Classic Character Series
1992 Combo
1992 Heavens Devils
1992 Jungle Man
1992 Meteor Girl
1992 Pocahontas
1992 Robot Warrior
1992 Sonic Ranger
1992 The Boxer
1992 Troll
1992 Wrestling Champs
1995 Sweet Amanda
Company history
About Etoys Corp    
Etna Products inc, a New York importer secured for itself thew Etoys trademark in 1990.
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